Peugeot Impulse™  Drive From Wheelchair Cars - Accessibility Features

Drive from Wheelchair & Up-front Passenger - Peugeot Impulse™ - Accessibility Features

Peugeot Impulse™ drive from wheelchair and up-front passenger vehicles include a host of wheelchair accessible features to ensure your safety and comfort when travelling.

Easy to Use Controls

The flat floor within the Impulse™ ensures additional space for wheelchairs or powerchairs. There are no gear controls or hand brake in the central space to limit room. Instead the handbrake for the automatic Impulse™ is replaced with a switch and the gears replaced with a handy, easy to use dial.

Automatic Ramp and Tailgate

The automatic ramp and tailgate, operated by remote control, mean that a wheelchair user can travel alone without the need for a carer or family member to operate their vehicle.

Thanks to lowering suspension, the Impulse™ ramp is shorter than that of most wheelchair vehicles. This means less room is needed at the rear of the vehicle to lower the ramp, making smaller parking spaces more accessible.

Impulse™ wheelchair accessible features:

  • Fully lowered, flat floor
  • Automatic ramp and tailgate with remote control from key fob
  • Lowering suspension
  • Removable driver and front passenger seats
  • Automatic gears with dial selector
  • Lap and diagonal seat belt for all occupants
  • Electronic parking brake
Drive from or up-front passenger button