Aaron’s Back in Action!

March 21, 2018

With the new racing season fast approaching, we caught up with Aaron Morgan to see how things are shaping up so far for 2018.

It’s great to have you back Aaron!  How are feeling for the upcoming season?

Leading into the start of a new season I always have mixed feelings.  I’m excited to start racing again but there is always a bit of apprehension.  I try not to focus on my competitors, but you can’t help wondering what progress they have made throughout the winter break.

As I use hand controls, my gear changes have always been slower than the able-bodied drivers who I race against.

You had a few issues with your car last season.  What’s been the focus for 2018?

My car has had a major brake overhaul; with new discs, calipers and pads on every corner.  This was the last of the old components of my car after the engine was rebuilt at the start of last season.

Any new vehicle features?

As I use hand controls, my gear changes have always been slower than the able-bodied drivers who I race against.  I’m delighted that this year, I have a new method of operating my clutch.

A fellow competitor in the championship has engineered a system where the lever that I pulled to operate the clutch is now cable-connected to a clutch master cylinder.

I’m afraid you’ve lost me Aaron! 

Basically, it means that the lever now works in a very similar way to a motorbike and will dramatically speed up my gear changes.  I will have to reach back to my motocross days though to release the clutch in a steady manor and not spin the rear wheels too much!

Well it all sounds positive!  Have you managed a run out on the practise track?

I was able to get test run in last week.  I am excited to say that the clutch mechanism worked exactly as intended and the new brakes were excellent too.  I have a lot to be excited for when the season kicks off next weekend.

You can keep up-to-date with all of Aaron’s racing information, reviews and much more on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We’re also delighted that he will be joining us again at our Mobility Days throughout the year.

Good luck for 2018 Aaron!



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