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August 7, 2018

Recognising media talent in all its forms, the O2 Media Awards were designed to celebrate media and publications in the Yorkshire and The Humber area.  We’re delighted to announce that All Together Now! have won the award for Specialist Publication of the Year.

“Thanks to our partners and advertisers, we’re managing to stay afloat”

All Together Now (ATN) is a free charity newspaper, providing news and information services for people who are affected by disabilities, ill-health and aging.  100,000 copies are distributed every two months in supermarkets, health centres and hospitals and are eagerly snapped up.  With a mainstream readership of almost half a million, ATN set high standards to ensure a quality and informative newspaper is produced. 

The newspaper is supported by many businesses and charities – Allied Mobility for one happily advertise in ATN as our wheelchair accessible vehicles prove popular with readers.

Applause for Altogether

The ceremony was held at Manchester City Football Club’s Etihad Stadium, with an audience of 300 journalists and media executives.  ATN was complimented on its colourful design and excellent content – with emphasis on the readers who may be left in the dark without this newspaper.

A Message From the Editor: Tom Dowling

Tom said: “This award is a great testament to all our supporters – like Allied Mobility – who’ve been helping us these past 13 years.  Newspapers all over the country are experiencing huge drops in circulation and are being forced to close.  Thanks to our partners and advertisers, we’re managing to stay afloat.”

Tom enthused that the demand for All Together Now! is increasing.  He commented:

“We currently distribute 100,000 copies, but more people are asking for copies all over the region.  Hopefully, we can build on this latest recognition and attract the funding we need to get even more copies to people who would benefit from its unique content.”

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