Independence for all the Family

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Travelling has become a breeze for John and Irene Morris with their new wheelchair accessible Peugeot Independence from Allied Mobility.

Just the Car

John, who suffers from Motor Neuron Disease, and his wife Irene came across Allied Mobility’s wheelchair accessible MPV and were keen to try it out.  After speaking to theirAllied Mobility advisor they arranged a free home demonstration right away.

Irene recalls: “The demo was excellent from start to finish.  John got the opportunity to experience travelling in the Independence and loved it.  I tried driving the car myself and was delighted; it’s such a nice car to drive.  We knew it was just the car for us.”

The Independence is a versatile multi-passenger vehicle, ideal for both small groups and larger families looking for optimum accessibility and excellent storage space.

Offered with a low MPV Advance Payment on the Motability Scheme of just £1,895, the Independence is an affordable option for a largeer mobility car.  The Independence is also exclusively available to buy direct or for hire, through Allied Mobility.

Based on the stylish Peugeot Expert Tepee, Allied Mobility’s Independence provides a lightweight folding rear ramp and lowering suspension for easy wheelchair access.  Wheelchair users are also provided with complete peace of mind as the Independence comes with full lap and diagonal seatbelts for the wheelchair user and other seated passengers and high quality wheelchair restraints, tested to Motability standards.

As a mobility car seting up to seven people, Independence offers a highly versatile option for wheelchair users and their families and carers.  You can even choose from a variety of seating layouts to suit your needs and preferrences.  The Independence SE offers a further choice of extra headroom for taller wheelchair users.

A Family Surprise

It wasn’t long before Irene and John took delivery of their very own Peugeot Independence and they’d thought of a fun way to present their new car to their family.

Irene explains: “We had arranged a family trip to the seaside town of Skegness, in Lincolnshire and thought this would be a great time to surprise the family with our new Independence.  When we arrived they ran out to see us and were so excited about our new wheelchair car, especially the grand kids, they all jumped in to try it out!  The rest of the holiday was so much fun because we could all travel together as a group.”

Easy Access

John and Irene are delighted with the great accessibility that the Independence offers, Irene comments: “Getting in and out is so much easier with the ramp and lowering suspension.  Once John is up the ramp, all we need to do is pop on the restraints and were in position.  It just takes five minutes and we’re ready to go!  So now trips to the shops are not a bother and there’s plenty of room for our shopping bags as well.”

The Independence mobility MPV offers wheelchair users an enjoyable journey each and every time.  Irene explains: “John feels much safer in the Independence compared to other cars he’s travelled in before.  This means he enjoys going on trips much more now as he has great visibility while sitting in his wheelchair.”

Ireland Ahoy

With ample storage space, the Independence is perfect for weekly shopping trips and for luggage on those longer journeys.  Last summer, John and Irene travelled all the way to Ireland in their Independence to visit their daughter.

Irene recalls: “We decided to go on a weeks holiday to Ireland to visit our daughter, Wendy, who lives in Cork.  There was plenty of room in the car for all our luggage.  We took the ferry from Holyhead and then once we arrived in Ireland we drove across to Cork, taking in the beautiful scenery on the way.  We had a great journey both ways and our daughter loved our car too, especially because we can visit her more often now.”

Hassle Free Travelling

Having a wheelchair accessible car that meets their every need, John and Irene feel their lives have been transformed.

“People always ask me how do I get so excited about a vehicle but, to me and John, the Independence really has made such a difference to our lives.  Before, John had stopped going out because travelling was just too much hassle.  Now we’re free to go where we like, when we like, and our family love it too because there’s room for everyone to travel together.

“Not only has the car given us an easier life but it’s let us get out and about as a family, which we couldn’t do before. It’s a joy.”

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