More Space, More Independence™

With the wide variety of wheelchairs and mobility products on the market, certain vehicles suit some disability aids, while others don’t. This is the exact situation the Needham family found themselves in when the wheelchair accessible vehicle they had was now too small to transport their daughter, Jessica, comfortably and safely.

Meeting the Needs

Jessica’s mother, Donna explained: “We reached a point where Jessica’s wheelchair could no longer fit inside our current car. We needed something which met her needs, first and foremost, and suited the family’s way of living.”

With the Volkswagen Caddy no longer suitable, the Needham family turned to Allied Mobility for advice and opted for the Ford Independence™, which offered the family everything they were looking for in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Jessica is blind, suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy and scoliosis of the spine, so she is very dependent on her wheelchair. Donna commented: “Jessica is completely wheelchair bound and our wheelchair accessible car is the only way we can travel around with ease.”

We needed something which met her needs, first and foremost, and suited the family’s way of living.

Access with Ease

Donna enthused: “With Jessica often requiring her wheelchair and in-house chair, both easily fit in the Independence. The space and layout of the Independence also allows me to sit in the back with Jessica, so I can be with her whenever we travel.”

Independence™ is based on the spacious Ford Tourneo Custom and designed to be flexible and comfortable.  With plenty of seating options on offer it can be tailored to individual needs and comes with many great accessibility features, such as its lightweight EasyFold™ ramp.

Ford Independence is available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme, with Advance Payments starting from £3,495.

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