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Disability cars have been around for decades. Yet the stylish, user-friendly disability vehicles available today from major suppliers like Allied Mobility have come a long way in recent years, both in quality and affordability.

Looking back, our modern disabled cars are part of the wider evolution of transport for disabled people. Some of you might remember three-wheeler cars or trikes; funky-looking cars with raised roofs or big, bulky ‘welfare buses’ with industrial-looking lifts (some of which are still in use today).

Disability Transport Barriers

Even a few years ago, disability vehicles to accommodate people travelling in their wheelchairs were relatively rare, not least because of the high cost of such conversions.

Until recent years, disability vehicles with wheelchair access tended to be provided by smallish local disability car suppliers, undertaking one-off conversions. Unfortunately, this approach can be time-consuming and costly, with the result that conversions for disability cars were often too expensive for most disabled people.

This meant most wheelchair users were left with no option other than public transport. Of course, for many disabled people standard transport services, including buses and trains, are not easily accessible. Special transport, such as dial-a-ride schemes, provide a welcome lifeline yet often this can be infrequent, has to be booked well in advance and takes the form of high, awkward, ‘welfare buses’ that very obviously shout ‘disabled vehicle’.

Evolution of Disability Cars for Sale

Fortunately, disability transport options have improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years.

  • Australian bus and train service providers have become much better at providing for the needs of wheelchair users (though there’s still room for improvement).
  • Taxi services in many Australian towns and cities have also improved greatly thanks to forward-thinking taxi companies which have added wheelchair accessible vehicles to their fleet.
  • Community transport providers are increasingly using more manoeuvrable and comfortable wheelchair accessible minibuses and people carriers and offering more demand responsive disability transport services.
  • Disability cars for individuals have improved almost beyond recognition in terms of appearance and quality. Crucially they have also become much more affordable to the average disabled person.


The Right Disability Car Conversion for You

Perhaps the biggest transformation in disability transport has been in the number of disability vehicles owned by individual disabled people and their families. This has come about as a result of advances in technology and manufacturing efficiency among larger disabled vehicle adaptation companies like Allied Mobility, working closely with local mobility partners.

Not so long ago, disability cars were unwieldy-looking, awkward to use and expensive to own. Nowadays:

  • Allied Mobility offers a range of stylish disability vehicles from leading automotive brands.
  • Our disability cars feature specially lowered floors, which mean they look just the same on the outside as standard cars of the same type.
  • Our modern range of disability cars provides easy and comfortable wheelchair access, legroom and headroom.
  • Our mobility partners can assist you with offering additional driving aids, swivel seats and storage adaptations to make you disability vehicle even more accessible.


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