Service warranty

Peace of Mind

You specialist Allied Mobility agent will be on hand at all times to offer ongoing service and support.  In addition, you can rest assured that all of our wheelchair accessible vehicles are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Base Vehicle Service & Warranty

The base vehicle used in creating your wheelchair accessible car or MPV is covered by an insurance-backed warranty, arranged by your local retailer. It is important that you keep your vehicle maintenance record up to date, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, in order to keep your vehicle in good condition and to maintain your warranty cover.  Your local retailer will provide details of your base vehicle service requirements and warranty cover.

Conversion Warranty

The wheelchair accessible aspects of your wheelchair accessible car are covered under a two-year conversion warranty from Allied Mobility.  Our local distributor, from whom you bought your vehicle, will arrange any necessary repair work on your behalf.  Within the warranty period this will be carried out free of charge if the repair is required due to failure of an adaptation component installed by Allied Mobility, provided this is not due to misuse or normal wear and tear.

After Warranty

Once your warranty period has expired, you will still be able to access regular servicing and repairs from any Ford or Peugeot dealer (for the base vehicle) or through your local Allied Mobility agent (for the wheelchair access conversion).

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