Up, Up and Away at Runway Visitor Park

October 16, 2017

Our fourth and final Mobility Day of 2017 took off at the Runway Visitor Park beside Manchester Airport, with over 350 people experiencing the history of the amazing Concorde airliner as well as the entire range of Allied’s wheelchair accessible vehicles.

In addition to the wheelchair accessible vehicles, the event also played host to various mobility aid partners and disability charities.

Come Fly With Us

Runway Visitor Park is home to several impressive planes but none more so than the legendary Concorde. This ultra-streamlined, supersonic jet, which was retired from active service in 2003, was the focal point of the venue and expert guides were on hand to provide information about the famous plane. These guides provided some amazing knowledge to attendees, which resonated well with visitors. With the venue also being right next to the runways at Manchester Airport, people were treated to numerous current day planes taking off and landing throughout the day.

Meet the Family

In addition to the wonderful attraction, visitors could also view the entire Allied Mobility range including the UK’s favourite WAV – the Peugeot Horizon™. As the most popular WAV on the Motability Scheme, Horizon™ is ideal for those looking for a vehicle which is affordable, safe and offers optimum accessibility.

Visitors were also impressed by the popular Volkswagen Vista™. Unlike many other wheelchair accessible vehicles, Vista™ retains Volkswagen’s original rear seating and provides ample space for driver, wheelchair passenger and up to four seated passengers.

Both the Ford Freedom™ and Ford Independence™ received plenty of interest. Freedom™ combines ultra-modern comfort and style with the unique EasyGlide™ access ramp while Independence™ is perfect for larger families or small groups requiring wheelchair accessible transport.

First Class Partners

Many of our disability charity partners had also supported previous Allied Mobility events.  These included Newlife, Motability, Disabled Motoring UK, AM Racing and People’s Parking.  Show visitors were also able to discover a range of assistive products including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rise & recline chairs, adjustable beds and daily living aids. The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association was also in attendance and provided the show with some amazing routines! We encourage everyone to find their nearest group and join in on the fun.

Allied Mobility would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and the staff at Runway Visitor Park for being such great hosts!

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