The Cost of Disability

A study carried out by the disability charity Scope UK, has shown that disabled people spend an average of £570 more per month than their non-disabled counterparts.  This increased spend is largely attributed to the need for mobility products. Mobility


Inaccessible Housing

Many disabled people and their families are reporting that their housing situations are not suitable for their needs – both in bought and rented homes.  Around 1.8 million disabled people in England are currently struggling to find appropriate housing, with


Truly Accessible Cities?

Allied Mobility reflect on the accessibility of cities for disabled citizens in 2018 and ask, ‘what can be done to make cities truly accessible’? Prediction of the Rise of Disabled Urban Populations One billion disabled people are estimated to be


Could it be the Last Straw?

Disability group One in Five has mounted a campaign in protest to Government plans to stop businesses from stocking straws. With The Marine Conservation Society estimating that the UK throws away around 8.5 billion plastic straws a year, it’s understandable


Blue Badge Backlash

In recent months, reports of enforced parking charges for blue badge holders have been on the rise. It will generate a relatively small amount financially for the amount of distress and anguish it will cause. Wrexham and Darlington are just


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