Catching up with Saturday Kids Zone

When Lindsey Baker made the heart-breaking discovery at a school parents’ night that her deaf son, Riley, was struggling to cope with his hearing impairment, she knew she had to take immediate action. Creating the Club Realising Riley needed to


Inclusive Transport Strategy

The Department for Transport has launched the Inclusive Transport Strategy (ITS), a new venture that will invest up to £300 million to make Britain’s travel network more fully inclusive and disabled-friendly by 2030.  The new initiative acknowledges that access to


All the Awards Now!

Recognising media talent in all its forms, the O2 Media Awards were designed to celebrate media and publications in the Yorkshire and The Humber area.  We’re delighted to announce that All Together Now! have won the award for Specialist Publication of


Pavement Parking Plight

Parking partially or wholly on a pavement is a bit of a grey area when it comes to the law in most towns.  It’s not illegal outside of London, but people could still be fined if they’re classed as causing


The Coronation of a New Networking Initiative

Stars from famous British soap Coronation Street, have set up a new networking initiative aimed at improving representation of disabled artists in the entertainment industry.  Cherylee Houston and Melissa Johns, who play Izzy Armstrong and Imogen Pascoe on the ITV soap


Shocking Statics – Blue Badge Controversy

Figures supplied by 15 Welsh councils have shown that more than 14,000 motorists, between 2013-2014 and 2017-18, have been fined for parking in disabled bays.  This shocking statistic has raised concerns that enforceable penalty notices are not being taken seriously.


Disability and Working Life

Government statistics show there’s a substantial difference in the rates of disabled people in employment, education and further education, compared to non-disabled counterparts. These statistics show 19.2% of disabled people aged 16+ don’t hold any formal qualifications – compared to


The Cost of Disability

A study carried out by the disability charity Scope UK, has shown that disabled people spend an average of £570 more per month than their non-disabled counterparts.  This increased spend is largely attributed to the need for mobility products. Mobility


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