Disabled Car Takes Away the Hassle

A disabled car of your own can make a remarkable difference to someone living with a disability.

The Galloway family, from Redditch, in Worcestershire, is one such example.  Their daughter, Gillian, recently became a wheelchair user, creating a raft of changes in their lives but now their new Peugeot Horizon wheelchair accessible vehicle is helping the family regain independence.

Last year Gillian unfortunately had to undergo an operation for the amputation of her right leg. Since then, Gillian and her family have had to make changes to their daily lives – not least being how they get out and about.

Versatile Disabled Car

To help them to travel as a family, Mr and Mrs Galloway set out to find a disabled car providing full wheelchair access. They also needed a car which offered an electric winch to help with wheelchair entry, plus ample headroom for Gillian’s comfort. Luckily the couple discovered the Peugeot Horizon, from Allied Mobility, which meets all their travelling needs.

Based on the Peugeot Partner Tepee, the Peugeot Horizon offers fantastic space and optimum accessibility.  With an affordable price tag the Horizon is the UK’s most popular disabled car and won’t cost you the earth.  Available to buy, rent or obtain through the Motability scheme, the Horizon has an ultra low Advance Payment, from just £395.

New Versatile FlexiFold™ Wheelchair Ramp

The Partner-based Horizon also features Allied’s new and exclusive FlexiFold™ wheelchair ramp. This versatile ramp offers easy access to and from the vehicle. The ramp is also light in weight, making ramp operation a breeze.

When the wheelchair passenger space is not in use, the FlexiFold™ ramp can fold flat to the vehicle floor, creating handy extra storage space for shopping bags and other bulky items.

Fantastic Disability Features

The Galloways looked at a number of disabled cars.  Dad Harold explains: “We shopped around and Allied Mobility offered the best deal on the type of vehicle we were looking for.  Allied were very obliging so we arranged a demonstration to try the car out for ourselves.

“The Horizon stood out for us. It’s a sturdy and stylish car. The all round view is great compared to other cars I looked at and the sliding doors make parking easy.”

Easy Disabled Access

Accessibility with the Horizon is top class. The lowered floor and low ramp gradient make access easier than ever. This specialised disabled car also comes with a remote controlled electric winch system for those who need additional help with wheelchair entry. The electric winch simply hooks onto the front frame of the wheelchair and assists you as you guide the wheelchair passenger in and out of the car.

Having the use of the electric winch has really helped travelling for the family. Harold comment:s “The winch is really simple to use and it lets us pop out without any hassle. Gillian has regular hospital appointments which, in the past, took a lot of advance planning and effort.  Now, with our new Horizon, these appointments are much less hassle.”

Allied Mobility’s customer service team are available seven days a week to help answer any product questions.  Harold comments: “The service we received from Allied was great and John, our mobility consultant, who came out to demonstrate the disabled car to us, was so helpful and answered all our questions. I would definitely recommend Allied Mobility to anyone looking for a high quality wheelchair car.”


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