Special Aids and Equipment

Any item that a disabled person needs to do a job (for example wheelchair accessible work desk or large print keyboard).

Communication Support

Employing an interpreter or communicator where there might be communication difficulties at job interviews and/or other meetings. This support is available for all job interviews, whether for a new job or internal promotion.

Getting a Support Worker

A support worker who may, for example:

  • Provide help in the workplace with tasks which you are unable to do
  • Provide support in getting to and from work, or
  • Attend to personal needs in the workplace (e.g. sign language interpreters).

Altering Premises and Equipment

Changes to premises and equipment required to meet the needs of a disabled individual, for example a ramp for wheelchair access or upgrades to a computer.

Additional Transport Costs

You may be eligible for help with the costs of getting to and from work if you are unable to use pubic transport. If you would normally travel by car and require an specially adapted vehicle, then assistance can be given towards the cost of the adapted features and/or converted vehicle. The amount funded will vary according to the needs of each individual.

Further Information

The above points cover the main areas where Access to Work may assess that support is required. However, there may be other areas of support that are applicable. Access to Work will look at all applicants circumstances and will consider a wide variety of recommendations to make life easier for you at work.

Once you have received funding, Access to Work will review your circumstances and the support you’re receiving periodically – normally between one and three years after your previous application.