1. Call Jobcentre Plus to request and application pack.

To apply, first contact your local Jobcentre Plus Access to Work officer directly by telephone.

2. Complete and post your application form.

An application form to make a claim will be sent out for you to complete and return by post to Jobcentre Plus.

3. An Access to Work Advisor will then contact you.

An advisor will contact you 24 hours after your signed application has been received by Jobcentre Plus. The advisor will usually speak to you and your employer to determine the best support for you.

4. An assessment of your requirements may be arranged.

Specialist advice may be needed, which your advisor will help to arrange. For example, your advisor may arrange for a specialist organisation to complete an assessment and recommend appropriate support.

5. You will need to source quotes.

Your claim should take up to three full weeks. Your advisor will confirm the package they feel is appropriate for you. You will then be asked to source quotes from companies that can supply the service or product(s) you need, for example a converted or adapted vehicle. Allied’s Mobility Advisors will be happy to supply a written quotation for the vehicle that best suits your particular needs.

6. Submit quotes and the lower amount will be awarded to you.

The quotes must be submitted to Jobcentre Plus. You will then be sent a letter informing you of the support and grant you have been awarded. The Access to Work scheme will always award you the amount of the lower value quote. You can choose to purchase the higher priced product/service but will be required to pay the difference.

7. You must arrange purchase of equipment or services.

Once you have chosen your required product/service, arrange purchase and claim the cost from Access to Work.

Information correct as of 16.01.15.