All of our wheelchair accessible cars and MPVs are available to buy, rent or through the Motability Scheme. We also offer monthly hire purchase packages to spread payment if you are meeting the cost of the vehicle yourself.


Cash payment

Pay the full value of your vehicle outright.

Arrange finance for your vehicle

We can help you to apply for finance for the hire purchase of your vehicle. Normally you will make monthly payments over three, four or five years. At the end of the payment plan, you will own your vehicle outright.

Obtain your vehicle through the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme is available to anyone who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.
By simply exchanging your benefit, you can receive a WAV through the Motability contract hire scheme. WAV agreements are usually for five years and include a mileage allowance of 100,000 miles, insurance, breakdown cover and servicing and maintenance throughout the course of your agreement.

Under the Motability Scheme, your mobility allowance will be transferred to Motability to meet the monthly cost of your wheelchair accessible vehicle. You will also have an initial advance payment to make. The amount of this will vary, depending on the value of your WAV. For details of current WAV Advance Payments call our mobility advisors on freephone 0800 916 3018.

Financial Assistance

You may be able to obtain financial support towards the cost of buying your wheelchair accessible vehicle or towards the Advance Payment required if you use the Motability contract hire scheme. Motability can offer grant support, depending on your needs and circumstances. If you are working, or hope to return to work, you may also be able to obtain an Access to Work grant.

Simply call our Motability Advisors on freephone 0800 916 3018 to discuss your needs or to request our free guides to the Motability Scheme and Access to Work grants.

Open Road Accessible Rentals

Allied Mobility also offers a hire service dedicated to wheelchair cars and MPVs. All our wheelchair accessible cars are available for short or long term hire.