How do I pay for my WAV?

You can obtain your Allied Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicle by buying it outright; by paying for it monthly through a hire purchase agreement or, if you receive a state mobility allowance, you can get your WAV through the Motability Scheme. Allied Mobility wheelchair cars and MPVs are also available for short or longer term hire. See page seven for further details.

Can I get help towards the cost of an Advance Payment?

Depending on your circumstances, Motability may be able to provide a grant to help with the cost of an Advance Payment that you cannot afford. If you are working, or intend to, you may be eligible for an Access to Work grant. For more information on grant support contact our Mobility Advisors on freephone 0800 916 3018.

How do I know which WAV will suit me?

Use this guide to help determine the features you require. You can also request further information and advice from our specialist Mobility Advisors or talk to other wheelchair accessible vehicle owners to help you decide.

Can I arrange a demonstration?

Once you have an idea of the wheelchair accessible vehicle that can meet your requirements, it is important to arrange a demonstration to make sure your preferred WAV is suitable for you. Allied Mobility always offers free home demonstrations, throughout the UK.

What if I need to change my wheelchair?

Change is difficult to plan. If, for any reason, you believe you may change your wheelchair over the next five years, you may need to alter your requirements and consider a larger vehicle with more entry space or headroom.

I am part way through my current Motability vehicle contract but need a different WAV now. How do I resolve this?

If you are having difficulties using your current vehicle, that has been obtained through the Motability Scheme, you may be able to change to a more suitable vehicle. For information on how to do this, contact Allied Mobility on freephone 0800 916 3018. Please note – there may sometimes be a fee if you end your contract early.

When will I get my new WAV?

Allied Mobility will build your new wheelchair accessible vehicle to order and will write to you once you place your order to confirm your delivery date. Vehicles are usually available in between six to eight weeks. If you obtain a WAV through the Motability Scheme, delivery of your vehicle usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks from application.

How do I get the correct adaptations for my driver WAV?

If you are looking for a WAV converted to be driven by a wheelchair user, contact an Allied Mobility Advisor on freephone 0800 916 3018 to help you find the vehicle that meets your requirements. If you are purchasing your adapted vehicle through the Motabilty Scheme your requirements will be detailed during your assessment.

What happens when my WAV needs servicing?

Allied Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles can be serviced at any local dealer or garage. We also have a national network of repair agents for specialist features. Motability will advise you on servicing and repairs for WAVs obtained through the Motability Scheme.

What if my WAV is off the road for any reason?

Should your own wheelchair accessible vehicle be unavailable for a time, a replacement vehicle may be difficult to find due to the highly adapted nature of WAVs. However, Open Road accessible rentals, Allied Mobility’s accessible hire service, offers a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for short or longer term hire.

If you obtain your wheelchair accessible vehicle through the Motability Scheme, you may be able to receive help whist your vehicle is being serviced – for example, help with travel costs can be provided. If your Motability car is off the road for an extended period, Motability may agree to provide a free replacement vehicle. Allied’s Open Road accessible rentals service is a main supplier of WAVs to Motability for this purpose, so you can look forward to a high quality replacement vehicle until your’s is returned.

What’s the difference between a wheelchair car, disabled car, disabled van and wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Simple – nothing! Different people just happen to use different names for the same thing. ‘Vans’ or ‘MPVs’ are slightly larger and accommodate more passengers than ‘cars’ but otherwise disabled cars, disabled vans, wheelchair cars, wheelchair MPVs and so on are all names used for wheelchair accessible vehicles.