Major UK Retailer ‘Easy Dressing’ Range for Disabled Children

One of the UK’s largest retailers, Marks and Spencer (M&S), has received praise from the public for the launch of their ‘Easy Dressing’ clothing line.

Dedicated Range

M&S is said to be the first high street retailer to produce clothing for children with physical and sensory disabilities.  Tailored for kids who require clothing that’s easy to put on, has extra compartments to secure feeding tubes or is soft enough for sensitive skin, the exciting new range endeavours to make clothing more accessible for the 1.5 million disabled children in the UK.

I’m so happy for parents now that you’re helping them to make any disability a little bit easier.

Dressed to Impress

The company used youngsters with down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and hip dysplasia to model the range.  The children modelled bodysuits, detachable jackets, coats and trousers with space for nappies and leg openings to allow for a quick change of outfit.

A company spokesman said:  “After talking to parents and experts, we’ve developed an easy-dressing range for kids that’s fun to wear. From all-in-ones that allow for a cast to t-shirts and dresses with discreet pockets for feeding tubes, the range uses the softest materials, the fewest seams possible and hidden care labels that won’t irritate sensitive skin.”

Fantastic Feedback

The retailer asked mum of three, Emma, to try out the designs on her children, five-year-old twins Edwards and Celia.

She said: “Edward has hemiplegia, which is cerebral palsy that affects his right side.  He has limited control and movement in his arm and leg and epilepsy.  The Velcro fastening down the back of the sweater and bodywarmer means I can easily get Edward ready to go out when he’s in his wheelchair.  I haven’t seen anything else like this before.  Edward loved how cool they looked.”

The affordable range has attracted thousands of positive responses across social media.

Tracey Honeywood welcomed the new range and stated:  “My daughter was born in 1990. What I would have done for this special range of products back then.  I’m so happy for parents now that you’re helping them to make any disability a little bit easier.”

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