Meet and Greet

February 27, 2018

We were recently contacted by Amie Siddall, from Rugeley, whose daughter has a Ford Independence™.   Amie was kind enough to leave some positive feedback for one of Allied Mobility’s wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) safety technicians, Sharif.

Amie said of Sharif: “What an awesome guy he is.  So polite, helpful and he really cares about his customers.”

With Amie’s comments in mind, we asked Sharif to share a bit about his role and his time with Allied Mobility, so far.

 Hi Sharif! Can you tell us about your role within Allied Mobility?

I work within the Allied Aftercare™ team as a WAV technician.  I’m responsible for ensuring that the key accessibility and vehicle components of a customer’s WAV are in perfect running order.  I travel up and down the UK meeting customers at their homes.  I complete around three vehicle checks a day.

So, you need to be pretty organised then?

Absolutely.  At the start of the week, I check my diary to find out what jobs I’ll be carrying out.  I am advised beforehand if a vehicle requires a specific repair; meaning I can load my van with the appropriate parts/ tools.  As my van is my workplace, I must keep it well stocked and clean.  You’ll never find an empty coffee cup rolling about!

“What an awesome guy he is. So polite, helpful and he really cares about his customers.”

Do you require any special training for the role?

As safety is so important for any wheelchair accessible vehicle, we are taken through a vigorous training schedule.  We shadow a fellow technician until we are completely confident in carrying out a safety check on our own.  We have a 12-point checklist we follow which includes assessments of the wheelchair tie restraint system, electric winch and the access ramp.

What’s more, Allied Mobility has an excellent engineering team who designed and manufactured both the EasyGlide and EasyFold™ ramps, which were specifically created for Allied’s converted vehicles like the Peugeot Horizon™ and Ford Independence™.  It’s great to have them on hand if we ever have any questions.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

On the whole, the safety checks are pretty routine.  I always ask the wheelchair user and their family if there are any major concerns with the vehicle.  This can be anything from sticking restraints to a squeaky ramp.  I guess the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far was the first time I repaired a floor.  This took me over three hours to complete as it’s a very intricate job and I had to make sure it was completed to the highest standard for the customer.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

 Meeting customers, be that new or old.  It’s a great feeling knowing that I can provide reassurance regarding the safety of a family’s WAV.  I also get to travel to new places across the country that I’ve never been to!



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