New Family Independence

For many parents, learning to care for a disabled child can prove one of the most challenging and yet rewarding experiences in life.  As time goes on, the daily challenges change and this can be particularly true of getting about.

Initially, when children are very young, they can be carried to and from the car, just as able-bodied babies and toddlers often are.  However, as a child grows it can become more and more difficult for parents to lift and carry a disabled child to and from the family car.  Sadly, too many parents faced with this trying situation still aren’t aware that they could own their own wheelchair car or MPV, meaning that they no longer have to cope with all the lifting, since their son or daughter can travel safely while seated in their own wheelchair.

One such mother was Annette Dacosta, from Brighton, East Sussex.  Annette has three children – Chloe, 18, Sasha 8 and Hugo, 1.

Sasha suffers from Late Infantile Batton Disease, which affects her muscle coordination, requiring her to use a wheelchair.  Annette had been using her standard family car to transport Sasha, her wheelchair and her other children around and every trip was starting to become a nightmare.

She knew nothing of the Motability Scheme or wheelchair accessible vehicles until she contacted Allied Mobility.

Needing Help

Annette explains: “We have a lot of hospital and other appointments to go to for Sasha and I used to really dread them.  Having to lift Sasha in and out was hideous for her and the family.  I knew we needed a proper disability vehicle to transport Sasha in her wheelchair but I was really unsure of the process.”

Chance Find

She continues: “With no previous experience, I contacted Allied Mobility, out of the blue and found they were really able to help with advice and options for wheelchair accessible cars.”

Allied Mobility is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles and the main supplier to the UK Motability Scheme. They produce a range of accessible cars, vans and minibuses available to buy, rent or through Motability.

As a child-minder Annette has lots of kids running around much of the time, as well as her own, so she needed a vehicle with lots of space, offering optimum accessibility and safety for Sasha.  Annette chose the wheelchair accessible Peugeot Independence MPV with room for driver, wheelchair passenger and five seated passengers.  The Independence wheelchair MPV offers a rear EasyFold™ wheelchair ramp, lowering suspension and high quality wheelchair restraint system.

Annette comments: “To be honest, after speaking with Allied the first time, I didn’t bother to call any other companies as I felt they really understood my need.  I was impressed with the Independence and after my test drive I signed up there and then.”

Quality of Life

The Independence has made a massive difference to the lives of the Dacosta family as Sasha is able to ride comfortably in her wheelchair along with the rest of her family.

Annette enthuses:  “My Independence was delivered in June and I can’t tell you how much of an impact it’s made on our lives.  Within the first week of having the car, my daughter had joined us on more trips out of the house than she had in the previous six months.”

“Getting around isn’t a problem now, things are a thousand times easier.  We’re even going camping in Kent soon and the space in the Independence is ideal for the trip.  I can get Hugo’s pushchair in the back as well as Sasha in her wheelchair, all of her equipment and our camping gear,” continues Annette.

“From the very start Paul at Allied was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  He didn’t put me under any pressure and answered all my questions patiently.  The service from Allied was exceptional and I’m full of nothing but praise.  I would recommend them to anyone needing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.”

For more information on the Peugeot Independence or any of Allied’s range, please call FREE on 0800 916 3018, email or click here.

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