New Horizon SE Fits the Bill

Innovation.  Engineering.  Both exist to improve our everyday lives and, thanks to both, the Gilrane family, from Lancashire, are finding life a bit easier with their new model Peugeot Partner Horizon SE.

Jill and Peter began their search for a new car after their 18-year-old daughter, Ellena, got a new wheelchair that could no longer fit in the boot of their standard car.

Jill explains: “Ellena has muscular dystrophy so relies on her wheelchair for getting out and about.  We used to have a hoist in our boot so we could transport her wheelchair but she recently got a new chair that couldn’t fit in the boot.”

The Right Option

“I shopped around to see what wheelchair cars were available but many of the ramps were too narrow for Ellena’s new wheelchair.  Then I came across the Peugeot Horizon, which has the option of a model with an extra-wide access ramp.”

Available exclusively from Allied Mobility, the new Peugeot Horizon SE is based on the popular Peugeot Partner.  This stylish model comes complete with a wealth of features including a wider lightweight wheelchair ramp designed for those who have a larger wheelchair or scooter.  Add to this a lowered floor and full wheelchair restraint system and it’s easy to see that Horizon SE has been built with the wheelchair passenger in mind.

Allied Mobility’s latest new model also comes with a choice of transmissions – manual or automatic.

Jill recalls: “We booked a home demonstration so we could try it out for ourselves and make sure it was right for us.  Our mobility consultant, Peter, came to our home and talked us through the car.  We tested the wheelchair up and down the ramp and then took it out for a spin.  It was ideal for Ellena’s new wheelchair.

Best Thing

Jill continues: “Having an access ramp is really good as Ellena can remain in her wheelchair when we travel.  It makes getting out and about more comfortable and enjoyable for her.  It’s also better for Peter and I as we no longer need to lift her in and out of the car.  It’s great all round!

“As well as studying child care at Blackburn College, Ellena loves shopping, going to the cinema and attending Zumba classes with her grandma so she has a busy life.  The best thing about having a car with wheelchair access is how easily and quickly we can pick Ellena up and drop her off.”


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