New Project to Support MS Patients

A new initiative aiming to provide further awareness and better support for those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been launched by Merck KGaA in collaboration with several MS advocacy and caregiver organisations. The new project, named MS Is On My Mind, encourages those with the condition to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a creative way.

“MS Is On My Mind When…”

The digital project encourages people with the disability to talk honestly about the ups and downs of living with MS.  Contributors are asked to express their feelings and experiences via by completing the sentence, “MS is on my mind when_____.”  Responses can be through writing or images.  There have been expressions of struggles and achievements, challenges and accomplishment in the responses, but all have given the community a platform on which to speak openly and gain support from others.

Inspiring Creativity

The creative director of the project, Lydia Emily Archibald, is an artist and patient advocate.  She was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and plans to use the expressions of the contributors to inspire her with her next piece of artwork.  Lydia has contributed her own response to the project, submitting:

“MS is on my mind when I need to strap paintbrushes to my hands in order to paint, but I am grateful that I can still continue doing what I love.”

Lydia explained the reasons behind the project and its impact.  She continued:

“I’m encouraging the MS community to share their experiences — whether it’s times when they are celebrating successes or dealing with the challenges of the disease. I’ll use the submissions we receive as inspiration for artwork that reflects the many ways MS impacts individuals”.

The Bigger Picture

The MS Is On My Mind is part of a larger program run by Merck KGaA.  Their ultimate goal is finding out what really matters to those with the condition and making actionable improvements to the support of those with MS.



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