Proud to Be Disabled

Earlier this week Brighton geared up for a special celebration and visitors flocked from far and wide to attend.  The city’s Disability Pride event celebrates diversity and value in the disabled community and is now in its third year.  The event has been so well received that it’s inspired more cities around the UK to follow suit with Disability Pride events of their own.

“Disabled people should feel free to be accepted for themselves as a natural part of human diversity”

A Unified Event

The bustling and colourful one-day event was fit to burst with live music, speeches, parades and stalls.  The festivities were led by carnival band, Unified Rhythm, comprising of both disabled and able-bodies musicians.  There were also some familiar faces present, including artist Alison Lapper MBE.

A Response to Discrimination

The idea for Brighton’s Disability Pride came from local mother Jenny Skelton.  Jenny has three children with various disabilities and was motivated to act after her daughter suffered discrimination on a family day out.  After recounting the story on social media, she was flooded with messages of support.  Sadly, she found that many people could relate to her experience.  This gave Jenny the idea for an event to celebrate disabilities, raise awareness of diversity and try to get people to redefine ‘disability’.

Jenny explained: “It’s a fun idea but with a serious message.  Disabled people should feel free to be accepted for themselves as a natural part of human diversity without the fear of discrimination.”

Inspiring Others

Since the first Brighton Disability Pride event back in 2016, the numbers in attendance have grown to over 3,000.  This success has inspired other towns and cities to get involved in the cause.  Norfolk, for example, will be holding their own Disability Pride event in September of this year.  Alongside the main event there will be several more “fringe” festivals to further promote individuality and acceptance.  With the success of these events around the UK set to grow, stay tuned for similar festivities happening near you in the future.

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