Focusing on Friendships by Kate Stanforth

Having a chronic illness means I’ve found it hard to make and maintain friendships.  I became ill when I was at school, a vital time in making (and keeping) friends.  I couldn’t attend lessons, social events, or do any ‘normal’

 Inclusive Play by Kate Stanforth

Learning through play is an important part of child development.  Toys can help with fine and gross motor skills, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, sharing and a whole host of other skills.  Toys are usually easy to purchase with many shops stocking

Lockdown Overview by Kate Stanforth

Lockdown so far hasn’t been an easy ride.  We, as disabled people, are unfortunately used to having to fight for things which are vital to us.  From struggling to access priority food slots to losing essential carers, I think it’s

Carers Week 2020 by Kate Stanforth

I’ve needed care for 12 years now and know first hand both the unbelievable work, and extreme demand, carers cope with on a daily basis.  Carers Week is an annual campaign which highlights the challenges faced by unpaid carers and

Dancing Through Isolation by Kate Stanforth

I’ve always used dance as my own type of therapy, but in the past few weeks, it’s really come into it’s own.  On the 21st March I started ‘shielding’.  I’m one of 1.5million people who have been highlighted as being

Curtain Call by Kate Stanforth

I’ve always been a huge fan of the theatre.  From an early age I’ve been incredibly lucky that my parents gave me plenty of opportunities to take part in and watch productions.  Once I could no longer perform on stage,

Super Spencer by Kate Stanforth

Nearly one and a half years ago, a black Labrador retriever bounded into my life.  His name, (Super) Spencer.  Never did I think that four paws could change my life in such a dramatic way but this adorable pup opened

Modelling in Miami by Kate Stanforth

I have always wanted to visit Florida so you can imagine my reaction when I received a call to say I’d just been booked for a modelling job in Miami!  After the initial excitement wore off, I quickly started to

Model Behavior by Kate Stanforth

As a youngster I used to do quite a lot of modelling work.  However once I started using my wheelchair, this work seemed to stop.  Although I’ve had previous modelling experience, I officially signed with an agency in April this

Dancing Queen by Kate Stanforth

I started ballet lessons at the age of two and quickly fell in love with the sport.  By eight I decided to delve into the world of pre-professional training which involved up to seven hours of dancing on a daily

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