Aaron Morgan: Race Update

Our sponsored racer Aaron Morgan, of AM Racing, recently completed round three of his 2018 Championship.  Aaron reflected on the ups and downs of the race and provided us with a review of the day.

Return to Cadwell

I looked towards round three of our championship with high hopes.  My consistent finishes throughout the first two rounds saw me in 12th position overall.  I hadn’t driven the Cadwell Park circuit in four years so I was taking part in a free practice session on Saturday afternoon to familiarise myself with the track again.  Unfortunately, in the assembly area waiting for practice to begin, my car over-heated and I had to turn the engine off to prevent further damage.  I managed to get jump started but had to retire after two laps as the problem persisted.


The engine over-heating created a lot of problems for me and my team.  We worked tirelessly throughout the night to replace several parts in the cooling system before the official race on the Sunday.  I was optimistic that the repairs had fixed the problem.

I’m very fortunate to have a great team around me who encourage me to push my car to its limits.

Frustrating Finish

The race day passed in a flurry.  I managed to get four qualifying laps under my belt before the engine temperature rose again and I had to retire.  Even with the engine problems I managed to secure 14th place for the start of the race.  I was eager to turn my luck around and push my way through the grid.  Unfortunately it wasn’t the case.  A collision with the tyre barrier in only the second lap meant I had to retire early in race one.  By race two, the engine had been pushed to its limits and the temperature gauge was back in the red.  I knew my race at Cadwell was over.


I’m very fortunate to have a great team around me who encourage me to push my car to its limits.  Their support and knowledge is invaluable to both me and the vehicle.  We’re looking ahead to Castle Combe on the 15th of July and I know I need to pick myself up to find the form I had during the first two rounds of the season.  I never shy away from a challenge though so watch this space!

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