Wheelchair Independence for Penny

John Eaton and his girlfriend Penny, from Cheshire, are loving their new wheelchair accessible mobility car and have big plans for trips around the UK this summer.

Needing a Change

Life with a standard car was becoming difficult for John and Penny.  While looking for a vehicle that would accommodate Penny’s scooter, they came across the Peugeot Independence.

John explains: “We had looked at a lot of other larger-size mobility car conversions but most just looked like converted vans so it was so refreshing to discover Allied’s Independence.  It’s a lovely looking passenger vehicle and it was an extra bonus to find that it had the lowest Advanced Payment of the larger WAVs on the Motability Scheme.”

Available to buy, rent or through the Motability Scheme the Independence offers great flexibility as a wheelchair accessible people carrier, making it the ideal option for larger families, small groups or simply for people who need some extra room.  With an Advance Payment on the Motability Scheme of just £1,895, the Independence provides great accessibility and space at an affordable price.

Wheelchair accessible features include lowering air suspension and an EasyFold™ ramp, making entry and exit hassle free.  Wheelchair passengers are provided with a full lap and diagonal seatbelt and high quality wheelchair restraints, so safety is never a worry.


Getting out and about is easy now for John and Penny.  John explains:  “We love our new mobility car.  There are no limits to where we can go now.  We can go out when we like and it’s so easy to get around.  It has really made a difference to our lives.”

Being able to transport Penny’s scooter has been a great help to the couple.  John explains: “In our old standard car we had to take Penny’s manual wheelchair and it would always limit us because I could only push her for so long when we were out and about.  Having the Independence allows us to store and secure Penny’s scooter, meaning we have no restrictions and we can stay out as long as we like.”

A keen gardener, John loves shopping at garden centres and the extra space comes in handy for storage.  He explains: “I really enjoy gardening and take lots of trips to garden centres.  I never have a problem transporting my new plants and garden materials home thanks to the excellent storage space in the Independence. It’s the perfect car for us both.”

Planning Trips

John and Penny are going to make the most of their newly found independence this summer, planning to take longer trips in their new mobility car, venturing as far as Scotland and Wales.  John exclaims: “Our new car’s been great for nipping out the shops and for all other regular trips but it will be the summer when it really comes into its own.”

John continues: “We’re having lots of fun just now planning our many trips across the UK and have just become members of the National Trust, it’s so exciting.  I tell you once that sunshine arrives I’ll still be John but I’ll be gone – gone travelling!”

The family are also taking advantage of their new set of wheels.  “Our grand kids love going on trips with us and we’re planning camping trips soon.  It’s so nice to be able to travel with all the family together thanks to the ample passenger space in the Independence.”

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