A Double Dose of Independence™ for the Balu Family

Cheryl Balu and her family are in the middle of planning a special weekend getaway to Manchester in May.  While the itinerary is still to be ironed out, Cheryl has part of the plan in place; hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) for the duration of the trip from Allied Mobility, as they’ve done many times before.  For Cheryl, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Travel Trouble

Cheryl, her husband and her son like nothing better than to travel, exploring different parts of the UK from their home in Oldbury.  But they didn’t always get the opportunity to travel very far as both Cheryl and her husband are wheelchair users.  Without an accessible car of their own, having the freedom to travel together as a family where and when they wanted proved a challenge.

Cheryl told us: “Travelling with two wheelchairs was really difficult without a WAV.  It would involve using taxis which only carry one chair so we’d have to take two journeys, which also meant twice the cost.”

Hiring Harmony with Allied Mobility

Almost five years ago, the Balu family were planning a short break away and no longer wanted to endure the hassle and added expense that had previously come with travelling.  So, Cheryl headed online to find an easier way to travel. It was there she discovered Allied Mobility Hire, specialists in wheelchair accessible and adapted vehicle rentals.

Cheryl explains: “Getting in touch and arranging the hire was quick and simple with friendly, helpful staff.”

Double the Convenience

Cheryl was delighted to learn about the Ford Independence Twin model.  One of Allied Mobility’ best-selling wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions, the Ford Independence™ is known for its comfort and versatility.  The Twin model is spacious enough to accommodate both Cheryl and her husband’s wheelchairs with plenty of room for more family and friends.  What’s more, with delivery and collection from anywhere in the UK, it was an easy choice for the family.

Cheryl enthuses: “Hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle with Allied Mobility opened up our world massively.  The Independence™ Twin was clean, really easy to get in and out of and comfortable to be a passenger.”

New Addition, Same Peace of Mind

Now, almost five years on from their first hire, the family are once again planning their next trip.  This next weekend getaway to Manchester will be the first with the newest member of the family; their baby girl due just weeks before they set off.  Though it’ll likely be slightly hectic with a new-born in tow, the family have the peace of mind to knowing that they can rely on the Allied Mobility hire team to make their travels simple.

Cheryl concludes: “It’ll be a challenge to go on a trip with a 13-year-old and a new-born, but we’ve always liked a challenge!  I think that’s what having a disability teaches you.  We would always recommend Allied Mobility Hire to anyone who was experiencing the same difficulties with travel as we do. It means you can do the things you love with the people you love.”

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