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Vehicle Servicing Where You Are

Ever find it a hassle taking your car to the garage to get serviced?  Or even remembering when it is time for its check?

The good news is you no longer have to!  Our sister organisation, Allied Autocare, now offers nationwide mobile servicing, together with a handy reminder service. All you have to do is let us know where and when suits you best and we’ll do the rest.

Even better, there’s no additional charge for this personalised service.  If you own your own WAV, you still pay only standard maintenance rates, as you would at a regular motor dealer.  For Motability Car Scheme customers, all costs will be automatically covered through your Motability lease contract.

Why it Matters

Whether it’s your own car or a Motability vehicle, it’s important to keep your pride and joy up to date with the regular maintenance schedule recommended by its manufacturer.

Nowadays, for most cars this is either every year or every two years.  This includes important safety inspections on things like brakes and tyres, changing vital lubricants, including your engine oil and attending to a full list of checks designed to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

How it Works

For customers using our mobile servicing programme, we’ll do the remembering and call you a few weeks ahead of your scheduled vehicle servicing interval. Our service advisor will then discuss the most suitable time and date for one of our automotive technicians to come and service your vehicle, wherever suits you best.

For most of our wheelchair accessible vehicle customers, the ideal location is simply at home.  Our mobile service vans are fully equipped with specialist tools so that they can inspect all your mechanical and electronic components – and even change your engine oil – in your driveway, a local car park or at the roadside, providing it’s a reasonably safe and quiet street.

Should you prefer, we can also arrange to carry our your car service at a local community facility that you attend, at a relative’s house or even at your place of work.  We’re on the move every day, so the choice really is up to you!

Two in One

If you’re a Motability WAV Scheme customer or you bought a new wheelchair accessible vehicle from Allied Mobility, you’ll also receive a free-of-charge annual safety check of all the adapted features of your wheelchair accessible vehicle.  To make life as easy as possible, we’ll plan this in at the same time as your vehicle maintenance service is due, so everything is taken care of in the one visit.

Trained & Certified

All our mobile service technicians are qualified automotive mechanics and can service any make or model of vehicle. Our Ford and Peugeot customers can have the added reassurance that Allied Autocare is an approved service and warranty dealer for these major manufacturers.

Either way, we’ll always ensure that your vehicle maintenance record or ‘service book’ is updated and stamped to evidence that your vehicle has been properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  This can be important should you ever need to make a warranty claim due to a fault with your car.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier.  Simply give us a call on the number at the top of this page and our helpful staff will set the wheels in motion.  You don’t have to wait ‘till your service is due – we’ll note your details and take care of everything when your service date does come round.

Alternatively, head on over to Allied Autocare’s mobile servicing pages, where you can find out more or get in touch via our mobile servicing online contact form.

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