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The electric winch system is designed to assist in pulling a wheelchair passenger up the ramp. If your vehicle has a winch included, it should be operated in addition to the wheelchair restraint system, as follows:

A. Position the wheelchair user at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp and attach the front restraints as instructed on page four, steps A-C of your
user guide.

B. The control for the winch is located at the rear of the vehicle (fig.1). Holding the winch bar (fig.2) guide the strap down the ramp using the ‘out’ arrow button on the remote control (fig.3) until the winch bar is at the bottom of the ramp, ready to attach to the wheelchair frame.

C. Attach the winch to secure points on the front frame of the wheelchair using the clips (fig.4). Many people prefer this to be attached beneath the foot rests, although this may not always be possible with all models of wheelchair.

D. Stay behind the wheelchair holding the handles as the wheelchair user ascends the ramp (fig.5). The ‘in’ and ‘out’ buttons on the remote control can be used to adjust the positioning of the wheelchair inside the vehicle as required. Once inside, ensure the wheelchair is secure and detach the winch bar. Put the remote control back in its holder. You are now ready to attach the rear restraints as detailed on page five of your user guide.

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