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Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are adapted vehicles that allow you to travel in or drive the vehicle whilst remaining seated in your wheelchair. Other people use a WAV to transport their wheelchair or scooter, whilst they transfer to a passenger seat. A large selection of WAVs are available for you to choose from, ranging from small cars to larger MPVs to accommodate the whole family.

WAV features may include:

  • Access ramp
  • Special wheelchair restraints
  • Special wheelchair occupant seat belts
  • Lowered floor (or, in some cases, a raised roof) to assist entry and access and to provide additional headroom

Wheelchair Passengers

WAVs are typically converted for wheelchair passengers. As a passenger, you will normally have access from, and be seated in, the rear of the vehicle.

Wheelchair Drivers

Some WAVs are specially converted to allow you to drive whilst remaining in your wheelchair. Standard cars can also be adapted with special driver controls so that you can drive after transferring to a standard or adapted driver’s seat.

The Range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

WAV cars are popular and affordable and can offer a size that is just right for you. If you are looking for several extra passenger seats and luggage space to accommodate the whole family you may wish to choose an MPV-sized vehicle. Some MPV and minibus WAVs can accommodate two or more wheelchair passengers.

Choosing the perfect WAV is about finding what features best suit your particular needs, then finding the vehicle that can provide these for you.