A Family Affair

When Alison Farquharson began planning her annual family holiday, renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle was top of her list.  The getaway was organised for the family to spend quality time together and a de-stresser for Alison’s dad, who has Parkinson’s, along with a form of dementia, and his wife who is his full-time carer.

Catering for All

This year’s destination was a cottage nestled in the peaceful surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales.  As the family prepared to make the trip from their homes in Cambridgeshire, Alison got to work ensuring this year’s getaway didn’t include the stresses of last year’s.

Alison said: “None of us own a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), so when we went away last year it was a pretty stressful time.  We had to get dad out of his chair and lift him in and out of the car each time we went anywhere.  This year we wanted to make sure dad had a dignified holiday and we didn’t come home exhausted!”

Help at Hand

After a quick internet search, Alison found Allied Mobility.  Janet, Allied Mobility’s rental advisor was more than happy to assist Alison and talk her through the wheelchair cars available.  Janet advised that the Ford Independence™ ticked all the boxes for the large family group.

“We had a fantastic holiday, Dad loved it and we’ll be straight back next year to organise another rental.”

Alison explained: “There were a few options that came up when we searched online but what set Allied Mobility apart from the others was the fact that straight away I felt like I was talking to a real person who understood and cared.”

Delivering to Your Door

The Allied Mobility Hire team organised the WAV to be delivered to Alison’s home, where the delivery team talked her though all the features of the Independence™ and how to use them safely and confidently.

Alison commented: “As we’d never used an accessible car before, I thought I’d be nervous about learning how to secure dad in his wheelchair, but I was surprised at how simple it was and how helpful and friendly the delivery team were.  Nothing was too much trouble for them.”

Once the family were comfortable using the accessible vehicle, all that was left to do was pack the car and away they went!

Beat the Holiday Blues with Allied

While away, Alison and the family were safe in the knowledge that should they need anything, the Allied team were just a phone call away.  Once the family returned and were settled, the wheelchair vehicle hire team popped back round to collect the car.

Alison laughed: “We had a fantastic holiday, Dad loved it and we’ll be straight back next year to organise another rental.  Allied Mobility took care of everything – apart from a parking ticket we got while we were away, but I think that’s pushing our luck a bit, isn’t it?”

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