A New Lease of Life for Callum

Until recently, leaving the house for Callum Harvey, from Manchester, had to be a carefully planned operation.  As a wheelchair user without an accessible vehicle, enjoying a day trip with friends or simply nipping out to the shops was impossible without having to call on unreliable public transport or costly taxis.  Now though, Callum can enjoy being spontaneous thanks to his new wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), the Volkswagen Vista™, from Allied Mobility.

“Pick up the phone, give Allied Mobility a call and change you and your family’s lives for the better.  It’s by far the best decision I have ever made.”

Advice from the Experts

Callum lives with a progressive condition and for the last ten years he’s been a full-time wheelchair user.  Despite being eligible for a disability car via the Motability Scheme, Callum worried about how complicated it would be to sign up and never considered it as a suitable option for him.  In recent years though, he was fed up with the hassle that an everyday trip caused him.  With his friends’ encouragement, Callum decided to investigate.  He visited a local car dealership and was referred to Allied Mobility for expert advice.

Callum explains: “The Allied Mobility representative I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and knowledgeable.  They arranged for my local mobility adviser to call me.  The next day, I had a long chat with him and arranged an appointment for two suitable vehicles to be brought to my home.”

Simple to Sign Up

On the day of his home demonstration, Callum’s local mobility advisor, Phil, talked him through the process, alleviating any concerns he had.  He even took care of all the paperwork, so Callum didn’t have to.  After test driving the vehicles on offer and trying out the accessibility features of each, Callum decided that the Volkswagen Vista suited him best.  One of Allied Mobility’s best-selling vehicles, Callum loved the roomy interior of the Vista™ and how easy it was for him to enter the vehicle in his wheelchair.  Not only that, but Vista’s host of modern features made it a luxurious choice.

He explains: “Three weeks after I placed my order, my new WAV was delivered to my home.  I didn’t have to think about payments as they’re taken directly from the mobility component of my PIP.  Everything’s included such as insurance, breakdown cover and yearly servicing so there’s absolutely nothing for me to worry about.”

Future Freedom

Since taking delivery of his new Vista™, Callum’s life couldn’t be more different.  After so many years struggling to get out of the house, Callum is making the most of his new independence by using his accessible car to see friends, go shopping and visit local restaurants.  He’s also planning to put his new wheelchair accessible vehicle to good use in the summer after booking his first holiday in 16 years.  Now that his own life has changed for the better, his advice for anyone thinking of doing the same is to just go for it.

Callum concludes: “If you’re thinking of getting a WAV, take my advice.  Pick up the phone, give Allied Mobility a call and change you and your family’s lives for the better.  It’s by far the best decision I have ever made.”

Volkswagen Vista™ is available exclusively from Allied Mobility.  Vista™ is available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme.  For more information about the Volkswagen Vista™ or Allied’s range of disabled cars, call our team of mobility advisors on the number at the top of the page.

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