Acting on Impulse

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Peter Taylor, from Lancashire, values his independence which is why the Peugeot Impulse™ from Allied Mobility is the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle for him.

Peter settled on the Impulse™ because he felt it was the best vehicle for his needs.  He says:  “I wanted to be able to transfer into the driver’s seat and couldn’t in a standard vehicle without help.  A car that allowed me to take my wheelchair up-front was the perfect solution and Impulse ticked all the boxes.”

New Level of Independence

Based on the popular Peugeot Partner, Impulse™ offers unrivalled independence, allowing you to drive from your wheelchair or travel as an up-front passenger.  The fully automatic ramp and tailgate makes travelling without assistance simple and stress-free.

Peter enjoys not having to rely on anyone else when he wants to get out and about and really appreciates being able to travel spontaneously, even if it’s just to his local supermarket.  He comments: “It’s made such a difference to my life, I’m much more sociable now and love if I get the notion to go somewhere that I can just get in my car and drive!”

Internal Transfer

Peter transfers from his wheelchair to the driver’s seat, which is just another way thatImpulse™ can be flexible to fit individual needs.  He simply positions his wheelchair in the up-front position and can transfer to his seat safely and comfortably – especially useful in wet weather!  Both front seats in Impulse™ can be removed or replaced easily too, so it’s easy to swap places if you need to.

The ramp and tailgate in Impulse™ are fully automatic and can be controlled by a handy remote control or from inside the car.  Peter loves this feature, adding: “The ramp is brilliant and so simple to use, but the best bit is the look on peoples faces with they see the tailgate swing up and ramp fold down automatically.  They’re always really impressed!  I pick up my sister’s children from school a couple of times a week too and they thought this was brilliant; the novelty of being able to walk into the car has only just worn off!”

Football Fanatic

Peter has used his wheelchair accessible vehicle for a sightseeing holiday to Wales, taking in Snowden National Park and loves that his Impulse™ made this possible.  He’s also a keen supporter of Blackburn Rovers and drives to the matches every fortnight.  He says:  “I used to have to find someone to go with me if I wanted to see a game and it wasn’t always possible.  Now that I can go by myself I hardly ever miss a match.”

Peter’s local mobility advisor, Philip, visited him at home a couple of times with Impulse™ to make sure it was the right car for him.  Peter comments:  “I found Phil friendly and very helpful.  It was great having the car brought out to me a few times before I made a decision.”

Making a Difference

Peter continues: “Impulse has made a huge difference to my life, I have a brand new level of independence and not having to rely on anybody else when I want to leave the house is brilliant.”

Peugeot Impulse™ wheelchair accessible cars are available to buy, hire or through the Motability Scheme.   For more information on this vehicle or any of Allied Mobility’s range of wheelchair accessible cars and MPVs, simply call FREE on the number at the top of this page, email or click Peugeot Impulse ™ here to enquire online.

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