Amazing Aftercare with Allied Mobility

Amazing Aftercare with Allied Mobility

At Allied Mobility we know the freedom a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can bring you and how important it is to keep it in great shape.  Whether you own your vehicle outright or lease via the Motability Scheme, we’re here to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Managing Your Maintenance

When life gets in the way, sometimes we forget our car needs a little TLC.  That’s why the Allied Mobility Aftercare team is here to remind you of the important dates for your car’s annual safety check and its service (per your manufacturer’s guidelines).  The great thing about these essential checks is you don’t have to leave your house to get them!

Fleet pic 2Great Service, On the Go

With 30 specialised mobile supports vans across the UK, our trained technicians will complete your safety check right outside your front door.  They’ll test all the accessible parts of your mobility car including the wheelchair ramp and safety restraints.  If it’s due, they’ll also complete the vehicle service*.

Gone are the days of dropping your WAV at the garage and waiting in for the call to pick it up.  With HomeStay™ mobile servicing from Allied Mobility, your vehicle service* can be completed at the same time as your safety check – meaning minimal distribution to your day.  If you’re a Motability customer, don’t forget this service is all part of your worry-free motoring contract and won’t cost you a thing!

Safety First

On the day of your safety check and service*, our technician will call you before-hand to arrange a safe handover of your keys.  Then you can relax while they get to work.  They’ll be wearing a single-use mask and gloves for your safety.  After finishing, they’ll carefully sanitise anything they’ve come into contact with before handing your keys back.

For more information, click HERE or call our Allied Mobility Aftercare team on 0800 587 9686.


*HomeStay™ vehicle service applies to Ford and Peugeot vehicles. We can help you arrange your Volkswagen service at your local garage. Annual safety checks apply to Ford, Peugeot and Volkswagen.

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