Anthony’s Autograph

Anthony Ellis full

Anthony Ellis, 47, from Enfield in Middlesex is a scooter user and was finding it hard to get out and about in his standard car, which just didn’t accommodate his accessibility needs. That’s before he got his beloved Autograph from Allied Mobility!

The Automatic Choice

Anthony wanted an  accessible vehicle with automatic gearbox Anthony and needed amobility car that would suit these needs.  Anthony contacted Allied Mobility to see what they could do and he’s never looked back.

He explains: “I wanted an automatic car as my wife Marion can’t drive a manual.  It also had to be accessible for me and my scooter.  The Renault Autograph from Allied was the most reasonably priced automatic we found.”

Fantastic Features

The Autograph from Allied is based on the compact and stylish Renault Kangoo, which is a popular choice for wheelchair users that require automatic drive. The vehicle accommodates driver, wheelchair passenger and two seated passengers and offers great accessibility with a lightweight folding rear ramp and winch.

Anthony is delighted with the Autograph’s accessibility: “The ramp is fantastic to use, it’s lightweight and really easy to fold.  The winch is also great.  There’s plenty of space in the Autograph and we love the fact that there’s a passenger seat in the back, as other companies didn’t have that option.  It means we can take an extra family member when we go out.”

Enjoying the Freedom

Anthony has found that his new vehicle has really changed his life.  He comments: “The Autograph has helped my family and I beyond description.  Before I had to use a foldaway wheelchair and be aided into and out of our car. Now with my scooter and our new car traveling is easy peasy!”

Anthony and his family have wasted no time in taking their Autograph out on the open road.  Anthony adds: “We’ve been to South End and the weather was fantastic and we’re going to Butlins soon.  We can take my mother in law out with us now too as well as our daughter Emma, since there’s plenty of room for us all now.”

For information on the Allied’s range of mobility cars, MPVs and minibuses call 0800 916 3018, email or click here.

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