Autograph Provides the Answer

James Hodgkiss main

When it comes to buying a specialised vehicle there’s nothing like a recommendation to help you feel you’re choosing the right people to buy from.  That’s exactly how Jeanne and James Hodgkiss, from Manchester, discovered their new Renault Autograph wheelchair accessible vehicle, which is now helping to make everyday journeys so much more convenient.

James, who has MS, used to have to transfer into the passenger seat of a standard car.  However, with his condition increasingly affecting his mobility the couple wanted to find out about options for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Wheelchair Accessible Demonstration

Following a recommendation James contacted Allied Mobility.  Soon after, Allied’s local mobility consultant, Peter, visited James and Jeanne to give them a free home demonstration of the Renault Autograph.

Jeanne recalls: “We didn’t realise there were mobility cars available specifically designed for wheelchair users.  Instead we relied on taxis, which wasn’t convenient as it meant any trips always needed to be planned in advance.

“For James, transferring into a passenger seat was becoming more and more difficult so we were delighted to find out that we could get our own wheelchair accessible vehicle, meaning that James can remain seated in his wheelchair when we’re on the move.”

Automatic Choice

Jeanne continues: “The Autograph was the obvious choice for us as it had the accessibility that James needed whilst also being the right size for us and available with automatic transmission, which I need for driving.

Based on the Renault Kangoo, the Autograph provides easy wheelchair access together with a choice of automatic or manual transmission.  The Autograph offers all the accessibility features you would expect from an Allied Mobility car, such as a full wheelchair securing system and lowered floor, plus a specially designed wider access ramp for those who have larger scooters or wheelchairs.

Jeanne reflects: “Owning a mobility car has made such a difference.  We can go on trips whenever it suits us and attending James’ appointments is no hassle now.

Access Features

“It’s great too that we were able to get certain parts of the car tailored to what we wanted.  We chose tinted windows to give us more privacy and we also got an extra passenger seat fitted in the back so we have enough room for James and two other passengers in the car when I’m driving.

“For us the home demonstration was a big plus.  Having the vehicle brought to us made it so easy and it gives you a chance to have a good look over the car.  Peter originally brought two cars out for us to see but we quickly decided the Autograph was the one for us.  He explained everything about the car and took us on a test drive.  He also talked us through the process for buying it through Motability and helped us understand the paperwork.

“Our car was actually delivered earlier than we expected so we really can’t fault the service.”


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