Autograph Wheelchair Car for Oliver

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Oliver and his parents Mark and Marie, from Swindon are enjoying more trips out thanks to their new wheelchair car, the Renault Kangoo Autograph from Allied Mobility.

Oliver, who has Cerebral Palsy loves spending time with his family but they were limited in what they could do due to the fact they did not have the means to transport Oliver in his wheelchair.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair Car

In her search to find a wheelchair car, Marie spoke to some other parents over the internet who had bought cars from Allied Mobility and recommended that she contact the company.

Marie comments: “When I contacted other parents online they spoke highly of Allied Mobility so they were the obvious choice for us.  Our mobility advisor John provided a really good demonstration of the vehicle.  It was very clear and I was surprised how easy it was to use the wheelchair ramp and restraints.”

Superb Space

Allied Mobility’s Renault Autograph is based on the Renault Kangoo and has impressed Mark and Marie: “As well as Oliver we have a baby girl Shayla.  Having a young family means we need a car which has lots of space.

“The Autograph is very spacious – even when Oliver’s wheelchair is in the back there is still plenty of room, its great!  The car allows Shayla and Oliver to sit beside each other which Oliver loves.”

Marie continued: “Getting Oliver in and out of the car is so simple; I can almost do it with my eyes shut!  The wheelchair ramp just folds down, I push him in, attach the restraints and off we go.”

Automatic Wheelchair Cars for Sale

Marie faced a further challenge when deciding among the various wheelchair cars for saleon the market today.

“At the time we were deciding what car to get I couldn’t drive so I had to learn in a very short space of time.  One of the reasons we chose the Autograph was because it was an automatic, which meant it would be a bit easier for me to learn how to drive quickly, although I hardly get a look in driving the car because my partner Mark likes driving it so much!”

Marie adds: “The biggest difference for Oliver is we can now take him to places we couldn’t before.  Since having our new wheelchair car we’ve been to the seaside, the Zoo and Warick Castle.”

Allied On Hand

“The service we have received from Allied has been great.  Our mobility advisor was helpful and friendly.  While our car was being made Allied staff kept us well informed on the progress, I received regular calls right until our car was delivered.”

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