Broadening Horizons

When Julia Alderman, from Cardiff, found that her car was no longer suitable for getting out and about with her son Gary she decided it was time to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). Since the arrival of their new Peugeot Horizon™ life has become much easier.

First Class Service

Gary has epilepsy and when his condition became more severe Julia started researching the options available.

She explained: “Recently Gary has become immobile and cannot walk at all. It had become increasingly difficult to get Gary in and out of our previous vehicle, so I decided it would be best to get a WAV.”

Gary’s seizures had become much more frequent which led to him having to spend an extended period of time in hospital so medics could try to control them. During this time, Julia spoke to other families who had WAVs and they all recommended that she contact Allied Mobility.

Julia comments: “Buying the WAV from Allied was so easy and our local mobility consultant John Amor was absolutely amazing. Gary was still in hospital so John just came to us with a Peugeot Horizon which we were able to test drive. He really couldn’t have been any more helpful and his knowledge was so beneficial when it came to answering my numerous questions.”

Easy as 1-2-3

The British weather isn’t as nice as we would like at times but the Alderman’s new Peugeot Horizon™ has even helped them cope better when the sun isn’t shining.

Julia continued: “When it was raining I used to have to get Gary out of the house in his chair, then help him into the car, then fold the chair up and put it in the car. It was one of the hardest things. Now I just open the back, wheel Gary straight in and it’s done and dusted.”

The Peugeot Horizon is the Alderman’s first WAV they have found it very easy to use thanks to its numerous features such as the assist winch.

Julia added: “This is the simplest car I’ve ever had in my life. It’s also automatic which makes it really straightforward to drive.”

Peugeot Horizon™ is available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme, with Advance Payments starting from £995.

For more information or to arrange a home demonstration, call the number at the top of this page or click Peugeot Horizon here to enquire online.

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