Caring for the Community

Caring for the Community

Caring for the Community

Access to suitable transport can be a vital social inclusion issue, particulalry for people in rural areas and especially for people with disabilities.  Combine both needs and you really do have a challenge.

Wigtownshire, in Dumfries and Galloway, includes some of the most remote areas in southern Scotland, so access to suitable transport is vital to an active community life.

James Burns, of Wigtownshire Community Transport, knows the importance that transportation plays in a rural community.  Last December the group purchased a Renault Trafic accessible minibus, supplied by accessibility specialists Allied Vehicles.

One major use of the bus is to transport residents and day visitors of the Thorneycroft Care Home and Day Care Centre in Stranraer.  Supported by Care in the Community, Thorneycroft houses many residents with mobility problems so accessible transport is a necessity when planning their regular trips.

Outside World
“Our new bus is invaluable for taking clients out on trips for the day.  We go to various visitor attractions and garden centres and it allows residents to see the outside world and have fun”, says James.

“This really means a lot to our clients, as some of them do not have great mobility,” he continued.

Two users, Dora Martin and Mary Smith, enthuse about the freedom the minibus has given to them and her friends.

“The new bus is brilliant, it’s really great for taking us to all sorts of places we want to go but couldn’t possibly get to otherwise,” said Dora.

The compact Renault Trafic is easy to drive and therefore makes for a very flexible, multi-purpose vehicle.  Wigtonshire Ccommunity Transport make the vehicle available for use by families in the area whose children are wheelchair users.  This helps them make short, routine journeys to places like the doctors and the shops, as well as longer journeys to the airport when they wish to go on holiday.

“The bus helps children who have limited mobility, giving them a new lease of life and helps bring people together”, comments James.

School Trips
Schools in the area also make use of the bus regularly.  Different groups of children are taken to football matches and other excursions.  The minibus was used recently by the local school to take pupils to a quiz competition in Rutherglen.

James added: “I think the bus allows people in the Wigtownshire area to live a more inclusive life – it really is proving a great help to the community”.

The accessible Renault Trafic was adapted by Allied Vehicles to meet the specification required by Wigtonshire Community Transport.  The minibus gives optimum accessibility with space for up to two wheelchair passengers and includes a remore-operated electric winch system and passenger lift.

For comfort, convenience and safety all Allied’s accessible minibuses are fitted with high quality wheelchair restraint systems and full lap and diagonal seatbelts for all passengers.

For more information on the Renault Trafic, or any of Allied’s accessible minibus range, call today on 0800 916 3062 or email

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