Peugeot Horizon™ – The Family Friendly WAV

When Cath Callaghan’s mother-in-law, Sandra, could no longer get out without a wheelchair due to Parkinson’s Disease, the family needed a good quality wheelchair accessible vehicle as quickly as possible.  While browsing on YouTube, Cath came across a video of the Peugeot Horizon™ and her interest was piqued.  A home demonstration was quickly arranged and with the combination of a great car which suited Sandra’s needs and our knowledgeable mobility advisors, Cath was happy to sign up with Allied Mobility.

Sandra no longer has to wait for community transport.  It only takes us five minutes to get in the car and ready to go.

Spacious & Good to Drive

Cath has been impressed by the driving experience of the car due to the excellent comfort and economy.  Cath also enthused that the car has given Sandra a new lease of life.  On getting out and about, Cath noted:

“Sandra no longer has to wait for up to two hours for community transport.  It only takes us five minutes to get in the car and ready to go.”

The flexibility of the Horizon™ interior has also proven useful for Cath when transporting her dad, who also has mobility problems which makes it difficult for him to get into many cars.  Due to the higher cabin height, he is able to comfortably slide into the seat and the generous boot is able to accommodate his electric scooter.  The RS version of the Horizon™ appealed to Cath due to the seating configuration that allows either driver plus four seated passengers or driver plus two seated passengers with a wheelchair.

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