Family Independence for Clare


Mobility cars with full wheelchair access can make a huge difference to family flexibility and independence.

The Sanders family, from Fleckney, in Leicester, are just one example.  They recently took delivery of a new Peugeot Independence wheelchair car from Allied Mobility and are finding they can now get out and about together as a family with much less fuss or hassle.

Going for a day out with the kids in the past was not an easy task for mother Clare in her old standard car.  Now life is so much easier with her new wheelchair accessible vehicle, which she says is “the best thing ever!

Mobility Change

Life with a standard car was a struggle for Clare.  Her son William, aged 5, is a wheelchair user and when they went on trips in their Citroen Picasso car, Clare had to transfer young William to a car seat.

As William has grown, lifting him in and out of the car has become very difficult. William also finds the move uncomfortable and often gets upset during the journey.

Searching for a solution that would allow William to travel in his wheelchair, Clare discovered Allied Mobility.  She explains: “We needed a mobility car quickly and one that would accommodate the whole family.  Thankfully we found the Independence from Allied.  It’s a very stylish car and the access is brilliant.”

Free Home Demonstration

Arranging their free home demonstration, Clare and the family got to see the car within a week. “We were happy that Allied could come out and see us so quickly and at no cost. Once we tried out the car we knew it was the one for us. We had our very own wheelchair car in a matter of weeks and life has really improved for us all.”

The Peugeot Independence, based on the Peugeot Expert Tepee, is available to buy, rent or through Motability. With an Advance Payment from £1,895, the Independence comes fully equipped with the EasyFold™ wheelchair ramp, high quality four point wheelchair restraint system and full lap and diagonal seatbelts for wheelchair passenger and all other seated passengers.

Family Trips

The family are making the most of having their new mobility car this summer.

Clare comments: “We have been away on lots of trips in our Independence, it’s been wonderful.  Now we finally feel the same as other families.  We just jump in the car and off we go.  There’s no need to plan and struggle, we just go.”

She continues: “We’ve been to the East coast five times and North Norfolk three times and even went on a trip across in the ferry to the Isle of Man.  The kids loved it!”

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Clare is delighted with the access that the Independence offers.  She comments: “Thewheelchair ramp is great. It’s not heavy at all.  I can put it down with one hand. The restraints are quick and easy to pop on and once William’s seatbelt is on I know he is really safe and secure.”

She continues: “In the past it was difficult getting away on family holidays because William would get upset on long journeys.  We would stop frequently to adjust him and comfort him. Now he is so comfortable travelling in his wheelchair.  The only stops we make now are for McDonalds!”

With a large and recently extended family, Clare is especially delighted with the space in the Independence.  “William and my girls have plenty of room and my husband and I recently had a baby girl so space is really important to us.”

Making a Difference

The Independence disability vehicle has offered the Sanders family hassle free travel.  Clare comments: “The Independence is everything we could have asked for in a mobility car.  The access is brilliant, it’s got great space and it’s so economical for a larger car, we can’t believe how long it runs on a full tank.”

The Sanders family, travelling in their new Peugeot Independence, have been surprising passers-by who have no idea that it’s a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
Clare explains: “We’ve had so many people come over and ask us about our new car when we’ve been out and about and often had people standing back in interest, watching us getting William in and out.  They’re always so surprised that it’s fully wheelchair accessibleyet really stylish.  You know, we’ve even had people stop us on the road and ask us what it is and where we got it, it feels great.”

Great Service

Clare is more than happy with the service she received from Allied Mobility: “The service from start to finish was fantastic. From the first lady who arranged the demonstration for us to our mobility consultant who took us out on a test drive, everyone was so friendly and helpful.”

Clare concludes: “Our life has just transformed since taking delivery of our new mobility car.  I would definitely recommend the Independence to anyone looking for a great family accessible car.  We just love it!”

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