Family Matters

For the Button family, from Suffolk, Peugeot Independence™ is the wheelchair accessible vehicle that ticks all the boxes.  Parents Aaron and Kelly find the vehicle ideal for traveling with their four children, including 19 year old daughter, Bethany, who uses a wheelchair.

The Confidence to Choose

The couple heard of Allied Mobility through word of mouth and called to arrange a home demonstration.  They met with mobility advisor Karen and instantly felt at ease.  Kelly says: “We loved Karen; she was so helpful and understanding and explained everything about the car perfectly so we were really confident in choosing the right one for us.”

The family of six need lots of space when travelling and the roomy Independence™, based on the popular Peugeot Expert, provides plenty of it.  Independence™ is available in a wide range of seating layout options, so it can be customised to suit the needs of you and your family.  With a simple to use, lightweight ramp, accessing the vehicle is straightforward and is designed to make life easy for the user.  As always, safety is of utmost importance so every Independence™ is fitted with high rated wheelchair restraints and full lap and diagonal seat belts for every passenger.

Enjoying Precious Family Time

The Button family enjoy an easier life with their Independence™.  They can travel as a family which is something they couldn’t do before.  Mum, Kelly, says: “If we decide to take a trip it’s a quick and easy process.  It’s lovely that Beth can come everywhere with us so the whole family can be together.

“Beth is at college at the moment, so having a wheelchair accessible vehicle makes it a much more pleasant experience for her and means she can concentrate on her course.”

Independence is really smooth on the road, and much easier to drive than I imagined it would be!

The family recently travelled from their home in Ipswich to Norfolk for a caravan holiday and had a wonderful time.  The whole family, including children Keira, Corey and Aidan, travelled in Independence™ alongside Bethany and found it an enjoyable and comfortable experience.  Beth’s brother Corey is a keen rugby player too, so having a wheelchair accessible vehicle means that she can go to his games and support him.

Both Aaron and Kelly regularly drive their Independence™ and find it a lovely car to drive.  Kelly says: “It’s really smooth on the road, and much easier to drive than I imagined it would be!”

Crystal Clear Communication

Kelly was really impressed by the service she received from Allied Mobility and says: “They have been a fab company to deal with.  Mobility advisor Karen was great – we couldn’t have asked for better – and she explained everything really well so we were crystal clear on the process and the vehicle that was best for us.”

The Peugeot Independence™ is available to buy, rent or on the Motability Scheme.  For more information click Peugeot Independence, email or give us a call on the number at the top of the page.

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