Family Outings Made Possible

Barbara Wiles

When it was time to renew their mobility car Barbara and Rowland Wiles, from Gillingham, were in no doubt where to head.

Barbara, who’s been a wheelchair user for 12 years and her husband, Rowland, knew all about mobility cars having bought their first one five years ago.

Barbara comments: “We got our first wheelchair accessible car from Allied Mobility and it changed our lives so when it was time to renew our vehicle we knew who to call.”

A Fresh Horizon

“Our first wheelchair car was a Peugeot Horizon and we loved it.  We contacted Allied and had a chat about our options.  We learned of the new Peugeot Horizon SE mobility carswhich include a wider wheelchair ramp.

The new SE model sounded ideal for us as it would mean I could fit my wheelchair or power chair in the back.  I didn’t have my power chair when we got our first wheelchair car so it was great to find that Allied had a vehicle that could cater for my bigger chair.

“We were delighted to find that not only was the Horizon now available with a wider ramp option but the car has been improved with some great new features.  We booked a home demonstration with our mobility consultant, Paul and when we saw it for ourselves we were really impressed with it!

“Paul was really lovely and patient with us.  We tried out both my wheelchair and my powerchair to make sure the car was right for us.  I was really happy with the wider ramp as it allowed my larger powerchair to fit in the car no problem.”

Available exclusively from Allied Mobility, the new Peugeot Horizon SE is based on the popular Peugeot Partner.  This stylish model comes complete with a wealth of features including a wider wheelchair ramp and additional legroom, designed for those who have a larger wheelchair or scooter.  Add to this a lowered floor and full wheelchair restraint system and it’s easy to see that Horizon SE has been built with the wheelchair passenger in mind.  Horizon SE also comes with a choice of transmissions – manual or automatic.

Easy to Use

Barbara continues: “Rowland has no problem using the ramp and attaching the restraints. The rear passenger seat is also really handy if someone else is going with us.

“Once inside the car I was really impressed with the view I had.  Thanks to the lowered floor I now sit at a better height in the car which means I can see out through all of the windows, which makes travelling much more enjoyable for me.

“I also find it easier to talk to my husband when he’s driving which is great for me, although I don’t know if he thinks that’s a good thing!

“It’s not just my husband and I who are thrilled with the car.  My daughter Caroline is a second driver and she thinks it’s great too.  The two of us, and sometimes my sister, like to go for drives down to Riverside Country Park, which is a beautiful area.  Trips like that wouldn’t be possible without the car.”

Perfect Service

“We thought the service we received was wonderful,” enthuses Barbara.  “Everyone we dealt with at Allied Mobility knew what they were talking about and we had no problems.  Paul was great and took his time to go through everything.  We really felt we were treated with care and courtesy.”

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