Freedom to Roam

freedom to roam

Chris Davies, from London, has been benefiting from his new wheelchair accessible Fiat Freedom from Allied Vehicles. Thanks to the new car Chris has been able to get out and about more, both for daily activities like shopping and visiting other parts of the country.

Nina, Chris’s carer, said: “He’s loving it,” says Nina, Chris’s carer. “It’s so easy to get in and out of and he feels really safe and secure as the car is very well equipped, especially for long journeys.”

Previously Nina drove Chris in a smaller vehicle that constantly proved to be unreliable so they felt unable to venture far from his local area. Now, with their Fiat Freedom they feel much more confident and can go much further afield.

Nina further commented: “One of the greatest benefits is that we can now visit Chris’s mum, who lives in Liverpool. Before, with the other vehicle, we couldn’t rely on it. Now we can visit her monthly and in comfort too!”

For more information on the Fiat Freedom please click here.

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