Freedom’s the Perfect Choice

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Glenys Sothersby and her husband Roger, a wheelchair user, have found their perfect wheelchair accessible car in Allied Mobility’s Fiat Freedom.

Time for Change

The couple, from Gwynedd in Wales, found their old standard car, with hoist system, uncomfortable and awkward for Roger. Now, with a lowered floor and lightweight folding ramp, the Freedom has given them much improved accessibility, letting Roger travel on any journey in his wheelchair without the hassle of transferring to a car seat.

“The Freedom is wonderful and so easy to use. Our old standard car with the hoist just wasn’t suitable for us. It took quite a bit of time getting Roger into the harness and into the car seat. It was very uncomfortable for him. The Freedom is much better, Roger can stay in his chair and we don’t get wet when it rains because were sheltered by the tailgate which is an extra bonus.” Glenys explains.

Available exclusively from Allied Mobility, the Fiat Freedom wheelchair accessible car is specially designed for optimum accessibility, featuring a lowered floor and Easyfold™ lightweight rear wheelchair ramp with easy gradient.  Both driver and passengers enjoy a comfortable journey and have complete peace of mind with safety features such as wheelchair passenger restraints and 3-point lap and diagonal seat belt and high quality restraint systems. The Freedom can accommodate driver, wheelchair passenger and up to 3 other passengers, meaning there’s room for all the family.

Freedom to View

Glenys comments on both the Freedoms accessibility and its great versatility: “I love the lowered floor and wheelchair ramp because it gives such easy access. I’ve found parking an issue with some accessible cars, which can not be parked on a slope, but with the Freedom’s lowered floor it’s not even a concern. I’m free to park where I like with no worries.”

Regular trips are no longer difficult for Roger and Glenys, who explains: “Our new Fiat Freedom is such a help, it cuts out the hassle so trips to the shops and hospital appointments are so quick and easy. Before, Roger would rather stay at home than pop out in the car because the hoist was a nuisance and so uncomfortable for him. Now, he asks to join me so we travel everywhere together.”

Sporting a lowered floor, the Fiat Freedom allows for great visibility. Glenys explains: “Roger’s always comments on the great view he has from the Freedom. His view was often blocked in other cars so trips were spoiled a little. Now he can see everything. We traveled to the coast to visit Anglesey which is around 40 miles from our home and Roger got to view the beautiful scenery the whole way there.”

Freedom to Travel

Getting out and about is one of the couples many pleasures. Glenys continues: “Roger has a great interest in steam trains and especially enjoys visiting transport museums and going train spotting. Since we got our new Freedom, we’ve been to visit quite a few and, with two extra passenger seats, our grandsons have come along too and they just love it!”

Glenys and Roger are also members of a walking group that caters for disabled individuals. Glenys explains: “During the good weather in the summer Roger and I went to different locations to go on walks with the group and our new wheelchair car makes the trips so enjoyable.”

The Fiat Freedom wheelchair access car comes highly recommended from Glenys and Roger: “I would recommend the Freedom to anyone. It’s a wonderful vehicle and so perfect for us. It’s so aptly named because it’s definitely given us tremendous freedom. “

For more information on the Fiat Freedom wheelchair accessible car or Allied Mobility’s wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles call for free on 0800 916 3018 or or click here.

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