Growing Fast


Like many mothers throughout the UK Teresa Ellinor, from Canterbury in Kent, has a child who is a wheelchair user.  Perhaps more than most she knows the difficulty in getting around together as a family as transport accessibility has often proved problematic.

Growing Up

Teresa’s problems lay with the family’s old standard car which offered little in the way of accessibility for Flynn and his wheelchair. She recalls: “We were having major problems getting Flynn into our old car.  He’s six years old now and he’s getting really heavy so we couldn’t keep lifting him in and out.  The whole process of just getting into the car was a nightmare so we had to look at alternative options.”

The family knew a converted wheelchair car was the way to go to solve their transport problems and contacted specialist vehicle supplier Allied Mobility to chat about their extensive range of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Great Choice

The Ellinor’s were surprised at the diverse range of vehicles on offer from Allied and chose the ever popular Peugeot Horizon as their new car.  Teresa recalls: “I was delighted to find out that we could get a fully wheelchair accessible car that didn’t have to be adapted in any way, it was the full package!”

“The drive quality of the Horizon is great, there’s plenty of space and we can move the seats to suit what journey we’re going on,” she continues.

Teresa also loves the accessibility the Horizon offers for Flynn: “The ramp isn’t steep at all and we can easily push Flynn in without a problem.  We haven’t needed to use the electric winch that much but my grandson Dylan loves to press it and help Flynn in himself – it’s become a game with all of us.”

Getting Around

Teresa explained that Flynn’s quality of life has improved since getting the Horizon.  “We have been able to go and see the family more, especially my sister in Newcastle.  The car’s also helped with taking Flynn to his kids club on a Saturday and he love’s pulling up in his fancy new car.”

The Peugeot Horizon is loved by other members of the Ellinor family too. “My daughter Tina is Flynn’s carer when I’m at work and she thinks the car’s great.  Her son Dylan can sit in the back beside Flynn and they love to give each other cuddles.”

“Allied has been great from start to finish and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!”

For more information on the Peugeot Horizon call free on 0800 916 3018, email or click here.

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