HomeStay™ Mobile Support from Allied Mobility

At Allied Mobility, you’re our number one priority.  We know car mishaps can happen and we also know how inconvenient it can be organising a repair for your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Quick Response

That’s why we’ve invested in 30 specialised mobile support vans that can come to your home to provide vehicle assistance when you need it most.  We want to save you the worry of getting to and from a garage or arranging alternative transport while your car’s getting some TLC.

How We Help

Are you having problems with a squeaky wheelchair ramp?  Or is your electric winch tangled? Our helpful mobility advisors can diagnose your problem over the phone.  They’ll then arrange to have a mobile technician visit you at home to get you back on the road.*

What About Vehicle Servicing?

Whether it’s your own disability car or a Motability lease vehicle, it’s important to keep your pride and joy up to date with the regular maintenance schedule recommended by its manufacturer.  With Allied Mobility’s specialised support vans, you have the added benefit of receiving a roadside service**, right outside your own home.

For most cars, a service is required either every year or two years and includes important safety inspections on things like brakes and tyres, changing vital lubricants and attending to a full list of checks designed to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Hassle-free Motoring

With HomeStay™ from Allied Mobility, vehicle servicing is hassle free and saves you time and money.  There’s no additional charge for this personalised service.  If you own your own WAV, you still pay only standard maintenance rates, as you would at a regular motor dealer.  For Motability Car Scheme customers, all costs will be automatically covered through your Motability lease contract.

Call us Today

For more information on repairs or servicing, call our friendly advisors on 0800 916 3057.

*Accessible parts repairs available for all vehicles. **HomeStay™ vehicle servicing is currently available to Ford and Peugeot cars.

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