Horizon Tops for Access

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Duncan Ross, from Edinburgh, is delighted that his family’s new wheelchair accessible vehicle means he no longer needs to lift his daughter, Kim, in and out of the car.

Until recently the Ross family hadn’t been aware how available wheelchair accessible vehicles have become.  In fact it was by chance on a day out that Duncan and his wife Kathleen happened to spot another woman lowering the wheelchair ramp of her mobility car.

Duncan explains: “Kim has MS and relies on her wheelchair for her mobility.  She lives near us so we regularly go on days out together in the car.  As her condition developed it became more and more difficult to continue our day trips as I had to lift her in and out of the vehicle which, as well as being difficult for me, wasn’t very dignified for Kim.

The Right Help

“I happened to spot a woman using a wheelchair ramp on her car and asked her about it.  After finding out about Allied Mobility I gave them a call to see if they could help us.  The mobility advisor we spoke to was really helpful and it soon became clear the Peugeot Horizon offered exactly what we needed.  Both myself and Kathleen were already fans of Peugeot cars so we promptly booked a home demonstration.”

Available exclusively from Allied Mobility, Peugeot Horizon mobility cars are based on the popular Peugeot Partner.  The car comes complete with a wealth of features including the clever FlatFold™ ramp, lowered floor, a full wheelchair securing system, original rear seating and a choice of manual or automatic transmission.  You can also choose to have an electric winch included with your Horizon at no extra cost on the Motability Scheme.  It’s easy to see why this car is the top selling WAV on the Motability Scheme.

Duncan continues: “I would have to say the best features of the car are the wheelchair ramp and electric winch.  The ramp completely removes the need for me to lift Kim and the winch means there is little effort required by me pushing her into the car as I simply have to guide her wheelchair up the ramp.  It’s safe to say going out in the car is effortless now!

More Family Outings

“Trips that felt impossible before are now not a problem.  Whether it’s shopping, a bit of sight seeing around Edinburgh or even just going out for some lunch, owning a car with wheelchair access has made a huge difference to us.  What’s also great is that when Kim’s in the car we still have enough passenger seats for her carers to come too which is important if we go swimming.  The car is made for us!”

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