Independence Brings New Lease of Life

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Cumbrian couple Garry and Teresa feel they have been given a new lease of life thanks to their new Peugeot Independence mobility car from Allied Mobility.

With Garry using a mobility scooter and Teresa a wheelchair, trips out together as a couple were limited as there old car was not designed to be wheelchair accessible.  Add to that an irregular bus service and it was easy to see why they soon decided it was time to look for a more accessible means of transport.

Their search led them to Allied Mobility, whom they were delighted to find offered a range of accessible mobility cars designed specifically to cater for wheelchair and scooter users.  Even so, the couple were not sure they would find a car that could accommodate their requirements given they needed a vehicle with enough space for both Garry’s scooter and Teresa’s wheelchair.

The couple’s doubts were soon dispelled when they discovered the Peugeot Independence and they swiftly booked a home demonstration.

Spacious Mobility Cars

Garry comments: “When we first saw the car we thought the wheelchair ramp was brilliant.  The process of getting in and out was so quick and simple.  I couldn’t believe it could fit both my scooter and Teresa’s wheelchair, it was exactly what we were after and we didn’t hesitate to place our order!

Based on the Peugeot Expert Tepee, the Peugeot Independence is ideal for couples or families who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle with lots of space.  With a lowered floor,EasyFold™ wheelchair ramp and easy-to-use wheelchair securing system, the Independence offers optimum accessibility for the wheelchair passenger.  Available in a range of models and with a variety of seating layouts, including the option of carrying up to two wheelchairs, the Independence combines flexibility, convenience and style to make the ideal mobility car for those who need extra room.

Teresa adds: “Since getting the car I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.  Before I was pretty much confined to the house but now Garry and I can enjoy a bit more freedom together, it’s brilliant.  I also have to give our dog Rosie a mention as she loves the fact we can now take her to the seaside for walks, getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle has made all our lives more enjoyable!

Top Service

Garry continues: “I’ve found when we’re out and about people see me lowering the ramp so they come up to ask about it, I don’t hesitate to tell them about Allied Mobility.  Our mobility consultant, Neil, was great, as was everyone we dealt with at Allied.  The demonstration was very thorough and Neil answered all of our questions.  Within a matter of weeks we had our new car.  We couldn’t have asked for better service.”


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