Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr Kerrigan wheelchair accessible vehiclemain

For many disabled people owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle provides a level of freedom they otherwise wouldn’t have.  That’s why Dr Paul Kerrigan, from Kendal, in Cumbria, was so thrilled when he took delivery of his new Peugeot Horizon, having never owned a wheelchair accessible vehicle before.

Paul, who uses a powered wheelchair, had previously owned a standard car with a hoist in the boot.  This allowed him to transport his wheelchair.  However this restricted Paul as he could not operate the hoist on his own so he always had to have his wife, Cindy, with him when travelling in the car.

When the time came to change their car, Paul and Cindy were delighted to find out about Allied Mobility’s wide choice of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Highly Recommended

Paul comments: “My wife Cindy is a big fan of Peugeot cars so it was great when we found out that we could get a wheelchair accessible Peugeot car.  We looked at Allied’s range and opted for a home demonstration of the Peugeot Horizon as it seemed to offer everything we wanted.

“Our mobility consultant, Neil, brought the car to our home and gave us a full demonstration of the car and it’s wheelchair accessible features.  It was so easy for me to steer my wheelchair up the ramp and into the car, secure it and then move into the driver or passenger seat.

“I also thought it was really clever that the FlatFold™ ramp folded into the boot allowing the Horizon to convert back to a standard car if we didn’t need to use the wheelchair space.”

Available exclusively from Allied Mobility, the Peugeot Horizon is based on the stylish Peugeot Partner.  It comes complete with a wealth of features including the unique FlatFold™ ramp, lowered floor, rear parking sensors and the option of a free winch, as well as full original rear seating, making it easy to see why this car is the best selling wheelchair accessible vehicle on the Motability Scheme.  Horizon now also comes with a choice of transmissions – manual or automatic.

Easy Does It

Paul continues: “The ramp and wheelchair restraints are very easy to use.  Both myself and Cindy can operate the features without any problems.  The Horizon has made such a difference for us, it’s no longer a hassle for me to go out in the car as transporting my wheelchair is so easy now.

“Instead of being stuck in the house I can get access to places I would never have dreamt of going before.  The car is also great for everyday trips like shopping or visiting my mother, which we do quite regularly.”

Paul adds: “It’s not just the wheelchair accessibility that we like about the car.  It’s also nice to drive and we had a couple of adaptations fitted – a steering ball and easy release handbrake – which help to make driving a bit easier for myself.

Professional Service

“When we buy a car I only ask for a few things – to be kept well informed, to have the car delivered when we’re told its being delivered and to be dealt with politely.  Allied Mobility was all that and more.  Neil was so helpful and patient, he made everything clear and answered any questions we had.  We found the service very professional all round.

“Even little things like speaking to the admin team on the phone, if they couldn’t answer our question straight away they would always phone us back within 15-20 minutes.  The icing on the cake was our delivery driver, Jimmy, he was a lovely man and took us through the features of the vehicle again before handing over the keys.  You really can’t beat good service.”

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