Life’s Easy with the Autograph


Julie and Frank Mallalieu, from Berwickshire, in the South of Scotland, are finding life much easier with their new wheelchair accessible Renault Autograph car from Allied Mobility.


Living in a quiet location, the couple are delighted with the freedom their new wheelchair accessible vehicle has given them. The Renault Autograph has helped Julie and Frank to travel into town and visit their local doctors for Frank’s regular appointments.

Julie explains, “We’re on our own in a reasonably isolated place, 100 miles from Glasgow.  Having our own wheelchair accessible car has improved our life so much.  I can now take Frank to dentist and doctor appointments myself rather than depend on the ambulance and other transport service.”

The Automatic Choice

“We chose the Renault Autograph for our wheelchair vehicle because it comes in automatic drive and because of its great accessibility features.  As I’m the driver I have to say I especially like the driving position.  I feel comfortable on long drives and Frank enjoys the view from his wheelchair.” Julie explained.

The Renault Autograph is carefully adapted to carry a wheelchair passenger and is fully equipped with a one-piece folding rear ramp, electric winch system and full wheelchair restraints. Engineered and tested to the highest standards, the Autograph offers completesafety and a comfortable drive for all passengers.

Julie says: “The accessibility is absolutely fantastic. The electric winch system is really easy to use.  Frank has absolutely no problem getting in and out of the car.”

Enjoying Life

Daily life has certainly improved for Julie and Frank as their new Autograph allows them to enjoy their hobbies and interests that bit more.

Julie comments, “We both love gardening and now we can travel to garden centres and garden shows together.  I’m also an avid doll house collector and our new Autograph has allowed me to get to those specialist shops that I love.”

Both Julie and Frank love their new found freedom and so does Hamish, their much loved pet dog!

“We’ve been able to take Hamish with us on outings and nice walks, it’s been wonderful,” says Julie.

The couple would definitely recommend Allied to others: “Allied Mobility provided a great service to us and our sales rep, John, was excellent. He was always so helpful and answered any questions we had.”

For further information on the Renault Autograph or any of Allied’s range call free on 0800 916 3019, email


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