Marion’s Blog: Dancing Queen

Hello!  You may remember in my first blog I mentioned I’m a keen wheelchair dancer.  For my November blog, I’m going to tell you more about my favourite hobby.

Early Years

I first started wheelchair dancing when I was 10 years old for my school team.  We were a ‘C’ children’s team, meaning we had difficulties moving our power wheelchairs due to our Cerebral Palsy.

I was involved in my first competition not long after joining the group.  We headed to Blackpool for the Wheelchair Dance Association’s National Championships.  The competition was attended by those of varying ages, ranging from nine to ninety!

Competition Highlights

In our first competition, we danced to The Flower Waltz for our set dance and Mr Motivator for our novelty dance.  Since then, I’ve played various characters including Sandy from Grease, an Egyptian in Joseph and many more!  I really enjoy competitions as I get to wear ball gowns and some fantastic costumes.

The Rulebook

During competitions there are strict rules we must follow.  Non-dancers are not allowed on the floor to help us when we’re performing.  We’ve had a couple of near disasters including when one of the dancers got his leg stuck in a wheelchair sent the dance into chaos!

Partnering up with Chris

For the last 14 years I’ve been performing couples dances with my amazing dance partner, Chris.  Chris drives his wheelchair using his chin.  Despite having no verbal communication, we understand each other so well.  We read each other like books which is very important for our timing.

Together, we’ve won medals and trophies for our routines, including the Paso Doble, which depicts a Spanish bullfight.  Again, I particularly liked the costumes we wore for this routine – I donned a Spanish dress and Chris had a red cape on the back of his chair.

We’re currently training for the Scottish Open Dance Championships in May 2019.  We will be completing in the Ballroom couples dance.

My Dancing Life

Wheelchair dancing has taught me so much over the years, like how to work as part of a team, keeping in time and remembering my moves.  But best of all, I’ve made so many wonderful friends!

I hope you enjoyed an insight into my dancing life!

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